LEDs VS. T5 Hortilux

I’ve been growing on and off for about 10 years now, started off with cheap and I mean cheap led lights , I have learned they are only good for seedlings
So I’ve been upgrading went from a 4x4 tent with 3 viparspectra p2000 lights , I’m sure it was more than enough and dimmed at 75 % , now I’m in a 4x8 tent and need fill ins and was looking towards t5 hortilux
My concern is to much uv ub light , the leds have uv ub and ir dioids , do I really need hortilux bulbs or i can just use a mix of 6700k and 2700k , I’ve noticed there is now a 3000k , I’m using 2ft 8 lamp HO fixtures
I guess my question is … would it be beneficial to mix the led and t5 and how would you set up your t5s bulb wise?

You are referencing the hortilux powerveg system bulbs? I’m asking because I didn’t realize they were available in 2’ lengths. Anyway, if you were worried you could use standard t5 bulbs. The efficacy not great on them though.

Yes I’m referring to the hortilux powerveg and yes they do come in 2ft bulbs, I’ve also been looking at Argo max, I’m not sure if I really want to use regular t5 bulbs , though I have thought of using some regular and some hortilux mixed , I’m just not sure how well it would work