LED'S vs HPS lights

I’m running (2) 150 watt HPS lights in a 3 X 4 X 5 grow tent. I keep hearing that LED’s may have been a better choice. Is this true? I don’t car about the cost of running the HPS lights. Also, I’m (2) weeks in growth with my White Widow seedlings (looking very healthy) I just started a very weak solution of Big Bloom and Grow Big. Am I too early with the fertilizer and how often should I feed them.

I just started a thread doing a comparisson if you want to watch it that may help you choice, yes you should be waiting atleast 3-4 more weeks or until the embryonic leaves die off. Your embryonic leaves show your plant is still providing the nutrients for its self. Once they did off that’s basically a sign you can start feeding very lightly


The problem in using MH-HPS system in a tent is an overheating one. If you have a good intake and exhaust ventilation system there’s no problem in having a HID light kit, if you don’t have such ventilation system, you’ll just have to be more careful and put more time in heat supervision… The low cost running of LED is a bonus… The longer life expectansy is another one… And maybe a bigger yielding, and @Majiktoker topic experience is a good way to find out…

Happy growing @joe1, hope that you will found this usefull :v:

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