Led's lights not going off

My led’s had been staying on at night(cheap timer) not sure how long it’s been doing this for… Will it cause problems for my grow… I’m maybe 7 weeks into veg

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Is it a photoperiod or autoflowering plant? It won’t matter if the plant is in veg if a photo, but once you want to flower the plant you will need to give her 12/12 for the rest of flowering. It won’t matter at all if it is an auto.

Suggest getting a better timer.

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Thnx for the reply… It’s 1 of each… Is there auto in trouble, she’s already having a hard grow

Just get the light timer fixed and get it set back up 18/6 for the photo. The auto does not care.

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Some timers have a switch on the side it’s a manual switch check it’s in the right position


Yes dirtydave right small black slide switch to turn on or turn off the entire timing function

Good luck