Leds are great, but go white

I managed to get my 5 AK47 seeds on the second occasion down here in Oz. I expect the first order was collected by Customs!!! Anyhoo, I raised my children up to where I was able to clone 40 more, of which 37 took hold. I’ve just now finished my vege stage with them, and am doing a water only flush on them tomorrow before starting the magnificent flowering stage. I’ve been using LEDS in my grow room for the first time since using HIDS doing full rooms in my past. My children are all pumped water and nutrients to their troughs from a tub, and have been in rockwool since they were cloned. I can’t remember what this type of system is called!! All of my AKs are around 4’ tall. I have White LEDS surrounding my grow, and another above. Seven lights in total. Together they put out 24500 lumens, 17500K, at only 400W. I love these LEDS! Not a single baby is off color or deficient. And all in all, I only had to pay for one light!! “Light” fingers you could say!! lol. I can’t wait to see how big the harvest is going to be after the next 8 weeks. Should be epic. So LEDS, I say give them a go people. Like Robert writes though, go the white lights, good advice.


I bet you have a pretty big electric bill with 7 lights. It’s probably still quite a bit cheaper than 7 HPS @Syd1488. I’m building my own LED light on another thread to replace 3 lights I’m using now.

Looks good what you have going. It looks like it’s in flower. What strain is it? I can’t wait to choof on the AK47!

Chronic Widow, White Widow, Train Wreck, Gold Leaf, and Northern Lights autos that are in the back and not seen in the picture. I haven’t grown the widows before, so I’m real interested in them for edibles @Syd1488

We’ve had the Trainwreck down here in Oz. You’ll love it. It’s a very good smoke. It’s name says it all!!

Oh yeah, I grew it last time. It’s perfect for edibles.

Here’s a photo of my babies after 10 weeks. They’re on their 2nd week to flower. Very healthy. Can’t wait to smoke some.


They look very healthy. I see lots of bud sites.

This is the light I’m building to replace the Chinese lights I’m running now. @dbrn32 has been a huge help. The Cobs are 3000k and 3500k. Nice bright white light. One 400 watt light is going to replace two of the 600w (actual 300 watt) lights @Syd1488. So you’re right about going white.


We selected 1400ma for your drive current right? I think you’re around 6900 lumens per cob there. Give or take for exact junction temp anyway.

Looking good @Syd1488 can wait to see them fatten up over time. I am using LEDs for supplemental lighting at the moment on an outdoor grow, and they work well for me.

Yep 1400ma. I’m posting the finished product minus cooling which it will definitely need on the ‘how much can $1K buy’ thread.

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Haha. Cheap once you see how they grow weed. Tell yourself you can’t afford not to, it sounds good anyway!

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Yes sir my friend. Good thing is I only have $360 into the three lights at 850 watts, and I think they’ll be great for veg over my Frankenstein veg light. Probably only need 2 of them anyway.

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