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What’s up growers?!

Moved into a much larger space and with that comes building a larger grow space. I am considering the following two lights and could use a community thinktank.

I’ve been kicking around the past few weeks on chilled Growcraft X6 – 600W LED Grow Light (4x4) & mammoths NEW UV Fold Series - 8 Bar Led Grow Light (6 Standard + 2 UV bars) - 700w - with 2 Dimmer Knobs + 2 Sets of RJ Ports (5x5)

Both exceptional lights. Both nearly identical in price. The chilled puts out slightly more light at better efficiency, but the Mammoth has the UV.

If you had to choose one, which and why?

Thanks in advance

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Tough call. If you are believer in UV tech the mammoth makes sense. By even mammoth’s description the effects of UV on cannabis are relatively unproven. The studies that do support potential increases in thc from UV wavelengths suggest those increases aren’t very wide. Also should be noted that any time I’ve seen a study support thc increases also has cbd decreasing. That may be important to some.

In a 4x4 both are plenty big enough to have bountiful harvests, so neither seems like a bad choice.

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Appreciate the feedback. I don’t think the mammoth would fit a 4x4 it would be extremely tight w/ dimensions of 47.9 x 43 x 1.9’. Mammoth claims it will, but i have my doubts.

The science is mostly still out on UV with results differing from grower to grower. In a 5x5 the Readings would be slightly lower than 1850µmol/s.

Also worth noting the growcraft sports a Push-Lock Mean Well HLG-600H-48B LED Driver and roughly 14 foot cable to mount the driver outside of the space. While the mammoth is all on board mounted into the side of the light (internal)

Ah… screw it. I appreciate your expert thoughts on this @dbrn32 you’ve always been kind with your time. I’ll probably just grab the growcraft and a 4x4

Unless anyone else out there is using UV and wants to chime in

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If you go with growcraft and decide you want uv later there options. Wouldn’t have the fit and finish as buying complete fixture, but not difficult to make it look nice either.

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