LED watts per square ft

How many LED full spectrum lights including watts will it take to grow eight plants in a 4 x 8 tent ?

2 marshydro ts3000’s would do just fine. They run 440.00 us dollars and are available on amazon.

Welcome to ILGM forum. I just responded to your question on other posting. I saw where you listed 1000w fs led and 3000w fs led lights. Have you already purchased lights. If not you should hold up and get all of the information to list about lights. I’m guessing that the lights you listed are ones from Amazon. If so, you should definitely understand that many lights on Amazon are deceptive and won’t grow high quality bud. @Axemanjake23 spoke about marshydro I don’t have any experience with Mars, but have seen people say that they do a decent job with creating quality buds. I do have experience with LEDs from Budget Led and with Pacific Light Concepts. PLC is a DIY build. Both of these lights will give you excellent results. Many people here would recommend Horticultural Lighting Group LEDs. If you have some time to decide which way you want to go @dbrn32 may be able to help guide you to what would best fit your budget and needs.


Doesnt really matter about how many plants you grow. If your wanting to light a 4x8 you would need around 40w per sqft. You could do 4 HLG 260xl kits from Horticulture Lighting Group and it would work really well in there. Or 2 HLG 550s. If you wanted to go with linear strips then you could go the PLC route and use the Photo Boost strips, and you would need 16 strips per 4x4 side. Lots of great ways to run a 4x8…that will be my next tent if I stay with tents.


Thanks for your help . I’m sorry it took me a while to get back to you but I was out of town . So if I go with a 550 per side should I go with R-spec or Eco ? I’m leaning towards R-spec to start and getting a B-spec for the other side later . The Eco sounds good for both sides but I can’t fit both sides in my budget now . Looking forward to your response . Thanks

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I would go with the rspec. Better overall