Led wattage specs (output draw vs output in lumens)


I’ll take that into consideration the next time my wife mentions going. She loves yard sales, but I hate going. I usually send her with other family members.

I never thought of finding items I could repurpose…


Personally, I would prefer my whole house to smell like buds!!:imp:

Once my two autos finish inside there will only be mothers in there. After April, smell shouldn’t be a problem.


my wife and I have different things to look at…I like tools and furniture and odd things, she likes her stuff…and we both pick up like new toys for my grandson, really clean never been played with, for pennies on the dollar…and when their toys run $75 + new, well $5 is more in our range.

Heh, bring the kid…our grandson goes and he makes out with his pocket of change, lol


Here I got this at Walmart

just another option bro
Something like that would exchange your air every five minutes


My issue is with talking with people I don’t know that have nothing of interest to say. It amazes me how some people just go through life without any real thought. Maybe I’m just an a$$?

On the other side of that, I know there are personalities that I’m missing out on by not going. We take the good with the bad, but when the majority that you encounter is bad…?

Socially, I’m a pessimist. I don’t mean to be, it’s just the way I’ve responded to my life experiences. Smoking helps, but the wrong personality can ruin a good buzz. You know what I mean. :imp:

I’ll let my wife know she has you to thank when I go the next time. Let’s hope for a good experience or else she’s gonna be pissed at you!!! LMAO

Treasure hunting…


Hmm…so what is the optimal rate of air exchange?


when we go to these sales, a smile and a quick good morning works…a lot of people don’t want to talk to strangers, especially at 8-9 in the morning while they stand in their driveway surrounded by more strangers.


Lol…I guess the people down here are a bit more chatty!


grunting works

I keep it simple, a smile and I keep walking, unless there’s something I want.

The good news, the people want your money, not your friendship…the scowl could help in negotiations


LMAO…I’ve been accused of growling when I speak sometimes!! It doesn’t help that my facial expressions were set while I was doing time. A friend tells me I’m always wearing “that unit face”! Lol

Hmm…maybe that’s why people approach me cautiously…:imp:


You should aim for about half of the cubic feet of room with this you’ll be able to use passive vents
If you pulled 100% of the room air every minute you would most likely need a make up air fan ( intake fan)
So shoot for about half I run a 175cfm fan in my room of about 400 cubic feet I’m a little less than half but works great my grow room is always in a negative pressure



what distance are you keeping that light at. I have the same and it seemed to burn leaves at less than 20 inches


@AMUSED2DEATH sorry for the late response! I have my 1200w at 32-36 inches height from the top of the plant. I watch for curling of leaves and bump up to 36 if needed they grow into them fast! Lol it’s a very powerful light. I recommend the crx sunny 1200 to anyone.


also I would like to add I had two 1200 inside a 24x48x60 tent with a 6” variable speed fan


Got enough saved up got some new gear to handle these LEDs


Awesome @AmnesiaHaze how much was the damage on that order? Lol


Surprised you woulnt be able to guess


You’re right, I have a pretty good idea. I look forward to seeing it all put together. You’ll have all of these at your house before you know it! @AmnesiaHaze


@Covertgrower I can’t wait!


Hey @Covertgrower those stickers for the iPhone are actually EMF radiation technology it stops radiation from your phones :brain: