Led wattage specs (output draw vs output in lumens)


Good news second led on the way @Iva @FloridaSon @Countryboyjvd1971 @garrigan62 :wink::+1:


Nice @AmnesiaHaze same one or different?


Same one @Countryboyjvd1971 :wink:


I think that will be spot on for a 4x4 or even alittle larger space
Remember to check the fans every now and again because a stuck fan will burn a cob very quickly but its easier to replace then a heap of smaller ones.



I will have a grow room dedicated for the grow it is roughly 10x10, and I will have two 1200w cob led in that space, should I use a grow tent inside the room to regulate temp and humidity or can I use the room itself? I’m trying to save as much money as possible @Iva @Countryboyjvd1971 @latewood @Majiktoker
@Matthew420 @garrigan62 @FloridaSon @Niala @Hogmaster

Also I can only fit a 5x5x6 in my budget, I still have a laundry list of items left👌🏼 would two 1200w fit and not be too much light


My space is 8x3 or so and all 12 more then I need so I run dimmer.
I start at about 40% and increase 10% or so each week.
This cuts my power usage by about 15% over all
I use solar on the roof to fill two li-ion banks in the day and the light kick in at night and this works because I miss the heat of the day. Lights run dc-dc and the fans are on inverter and once the batteries hit a fail safe low mains switch in.
So my lights run off the battery for most of the cycle unless its cloudy where power is cheaper at night in my area.
I almost grow in doors for free :slight_smile:

Some one was asking what I have been doing :wink:
also makes a good lipo battery charging setup


I think you’d bo ok to go with no tent
I’m using tent for the reasons you stated but found once I lined my grow room with plastic all walls and ceiling I can main train decent temp and humidity in grow room with just my exhaust fan and some passive vents I have exyfans for both my 4x4x7 tents and a separate one for grow room
Maybe doing similar with plastic would help ?
Just a thought for you my friend


I’m in an open room and think a tent, bought or DIY would be better for controlling the environment.

Being new to indoor makes my opinion just an opinion. I may just suck at indoor growing. :wink:


Thanks for the replies guys, I will build up the room and come back with my results when I do dry runs with lights/timers/air/pumps etc to see if I need a tent/humidifier or not, and what size of CFM for the fan, :+1::crossed_fingers:


Some of the best things I was told when I grew years ago was
"If you spend more then 10 min per day with your plants your doing it wrong"
Less time to over think things
Less time to over prune
Less time to introduce foreign matter

"Less is more"
Adding extra over the listed amounts with not work better or speed it up
It easy to add more then it is to take some away unless it hair cuts or pruning

Most of this does not make sense until you have grown for a few years and understand they grow them selves.



Size it to your cubic feet 10x10x8 would give you 800 cubic feet so if you went with a 400 cfm every 2 minutes the air in room would be replaced


I prefer growing in a room. A small tent for veg or propagation is always nice.

I would probably flower in 6’x10’, and cut the other 4’x10’ into a veg room and a propagation chamrer and storage shelves. :smiley:

1"x2" firring strips make great grow room walls and can easily be screwed to gether with drywall screws. Throw some Panda plastic over that and make sure each section is light tight…There you go! :slight_smile:


@latewood @Countryboyjvd1971 1 or possibly 2 200 cfm fans and filters for the two halves :+1:Thanks for the tips guys probably 2 4" 208 cfm fans and 2 4" carbon filters, I have enough lumber so the divider wall can be built easily


So am I fooling myself by thinking controlling the environment would be easier in a smaller space? And how could I achieve negative pressure in an open room? Or am I fooling myself on that too?

Starting to think I’m just making excuses for my plants now…


You would need to seal space off as much as possible @FloridaSon I used 2mill plastic myself since I’m using tents but if you built a room stud walls covered with panda fabric or even Mylar with some foam board insulation would probably be enough to achieve negative pressure with the proper amount of exhaust cfm and some passive vents for intake if need you could put a lower rpm 1/2 the size of exhaust to help create good air flow but proper sized exhaust is key :key:


I get the sealed space concept, but I don’t believe I could afford the fans to get the negative pressure in a room that is 9’x15’ at 8’ height.

I’ve been considering building a 5x5 space, but then latewood mentioned he likes being in an open room. Not sure if anyone has noticed, but I prefer the cheapest way possible since I don’t sell it. I can’t make any money back, so I try to spend as little as possible.

Your information is greatly appreciated and I’ll be getting with you when I’m able to get a properly sealed space.

I’m thinking of trying to build a dedicated space hidden away when I remodel the back of the house this year. Turning 2br/1ba into 1/1. Larger bathroom for us and smaller bedroom to discourage long stays from family. Lol :smiling_imp:


Ok you have 1080 cubic feet in that room if you ran a 400 cfm exhaust fan your room would exchange the air every 2.5 minutes and a 600 in about half that a little less
I’ve post this pic before and it’s relatively inexpensive I know your tight on cash but when you could do it it will be a worth while expense


For us in CT, spring brings garage sales…it is hit or miss but a few good purchases at the right price is addicting.

I’ll be looking for used aquarium pumps, racks for the smart pots to rest on, fans…we have all repurposed things from household items, and my wife and I enjoy the hunt…hey, we are just a couple of old farts, lol.


Yep! Out of my range for now. I bookmarked that reply for when I’m able to afford it. I trust your input since hvac is your niche.

Thank you, Brother…


Any time bro
You might be able to use something much cheaper from the local box hardware store a 6 inch inline duct booster fan you can move 250 cfm and they are around 30/40bucks and if you don’t care about smell no filter that will save you some cash :moneybag: