I’m about the same. When I have my HID (air cooled) light cranked up to 1000 watts, I run it anywhere from 28-32 inches away.


Go with hps or mh I bought a led and it turned me right offf never again


They’re not necessarily built equivalent to, but since growers are used to HPS, the light companies market the lights that way so growers get an understanding of how the light compares to an HPS light.


I think I’m going with hlg 320 v2 quantum board…I’m old school and would love to go with hps…but later in summer will be heat issue. Live in drafty beach house, even with a/c running it’s hard to stay under 78°!


That’s a great light! It’s currently what I run. Well, I have 2 tents: one has a 320xl qb, the other has 520 watts from the wall of Galaxyhydro blurples (3 lights). Can’t wait to buy a 2nd qb light and get rid if the blurples.


The blurples are ok to get started…finance wise, etc… What do you like the most about the q board?


Low energy consumption and heat output are my number one reason for going with LEDS over anything else.

I love the QB’s b/c they’re dimmable, have great penetration/coverage, last forever, and they are silent. They also grow beautiful buds.


Those are my sentiments exactly at least from what I read on this forum. Cant wait, hopefully I’ll have a qb in April.:crossed_fingers:


Mine are on there way I cant wait to start growing with them and buy some more lol


But I haven’t seen any that are MORE than equivalent to HPS. Why is this the case? Is that all the plants can handle? Is there another reason?
Inquiring minds want to know


Get out of that mind-set. Compare the ppfd of the lights. Let science tell you what’s up, not a sales pitch. :grinning:

For the efficiency, cool running, and longevity alone, leds are worth it. The newer leds are ridiculously powerful, too. I can get 700ppfd at only 310 watts of power, covering 12.5ft² of plants. The heat output is about 5°-7°F.

I love my 320xl!


I hear what you’re saying. I understand that the LEDs are AWESOME. I understand that they are more efficient, run cooler, thus increasing efficiency even more, and a box of chocolates to boot. My question is why only equivalent to 1000w ? Why not equivalent to 1500w or 2000w ?


They can be equivalent to them u just have to put more in. They have very similar spectrums it’s just they are always compared to 1kw bulbs. If I had a 4x8 tent and had 4 qb 320w xl kits it would be equivalent to me running 2 1000w hps


EXACTLY, I am glad to finally see a discussion of “product name” vs product specification.


I understand that LEDs are superior. What I don’t understand, is there such a thing as too much light. I’m sure @dbrn32 told me before, but I’ve smoked since then. A LOT. I would love to have some new LED lights, and will in the future.


Yes there is such thing as to much light. Leds durn plants just like hids do. U can have more light by suplimenting with c02 to push the plants that much harder


I used to prefer HPS/MH but have fell in love with ceramic MH. The grow/flower bulbs are interchangeable on the same ballast and you get more of the light spectrum per watt than HPS which is 30 sumthin’% and MH 60 sumthin’% verses the ceramic 80 sumthin’% it’s much more productive and way less heat and electricity than conventional HPS/MH systems.


Sure is. On ambient co2 light saturation occurs with ppfd average between 1000 umols per second and 1200 umols per second. If supplementing co2 to 1500ppm light saturation levels are said to occur with ppfd average of about 1500 umols per second.


The real answer is it’s what the marketing people are telling you @Grandaddy013
It is actually higher lumen output. But it’s not marketed that way.


Are those even a thing? Would be difficult to market something as equivalent to something else that doesn’t exist.

I will take @blackthumbbetty’s position but put a spin on it. What are the most common grow spaces? Then, over the last 20-30 years what would be the most popular light or lights for those spaces? If you’re gonna toss a sales pitch, you may as well make it relate to something people will identify.

Most of those lights aren’t 1000 watt lights, and they’re not equivalent to a 1000 watt hps light. From that perspective you’re right, they may as well attach any number they want to them. Some manufacturers do, but not all. Watts are just a unit of energy consumption anyway. With all the difference choices in lighting today there is no standard to light output per watt, so talking about energy consumption as to how it correlates to light output is useless. Even within the same style of lighting it’s not cut and dry. Three 400 watt hps bulbs don’t have the same par levels as two 600’s. And a single ended 1000 watt hps doesn’t have the same par levels as a double ended 1000 watt hps.

Buy lights that give you flux levels conducive to your space hitting targeted ppfd average. If the light manufacturer doesn’t give you a total radiometric output, it’s a good sign you should keep shopping.