Definitely upgrading…haven’t decided if going with led or hps/mh… leaning toward hps.


I have a digital dimmable ballasts i use 6000k or 6500k mh bulbs for veg and flower with 2000k hps bulb i really like the argosun red sodium hps bulb


So by dimmable…I can scale back the light a bit if too strong/bright/heat?

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I have both in my 4x4 I’ve seen different results from all of them. Depends on situation. I’m still a huge fan of the hortilux advanced spectrum hps bulb. Here is what I have tho. https://www.amazon.com/VIPARSPECTRA-Dimmable-PAR450-450W-Light/dp/B01M084LIE/ref=mp_s_a_1_1_sspa?keywords=viparspectra+450+par&qid=1548191554&sr=8-1-spell-spons&psc=1
That’s my leds and my hps is this one. https://www.amazon.com/Hortilux-Pressure-Sodium-Enhanced-Spectrum/dp/B078VX7JKQ/ref=mp_s_a_1_2?crid=3U3537XU4C8SW&keywords=hortilux+600w+hps+bulb&qid=1548191616&sprefix=hortilux&sr=8-2

Lol the label says its pulling 450w

A third seems a little generous. In my experience it’s about 20-25%


Typically, you end up with 20-25% of the wet weight after it’s dry like @Familyman said :v::bear:


Check out @dbrn32 he can help u build a custom light if u want also he can explain the differences in light technologies


I’m good! Lol! I started reading his stuff…although very informative…too technical. Not an electrical engineer…:joy::joy::sunglasses:

I think the best I can tell anyone without being scientific is that most generally LED will have a higher yield per watt most of the time.
First off I would like to point out that none of these “experiments” took place in a controlled lab. So, the conditions where these are all being compared are void.
Mathematically speaking, LED will excel in comparison to HPS/MH/LEC and here’s why:


Simply put the amount of “lumens per watt” are higher in LED than your old school bulbs. Just monitor and measure the amount of heat the old school bulbs put out. That’s simply the cause of inefficiency.
If your lumens per watt go up, you have more output, which also means you have a HIGHER photon output.

The only way the math doesn’t work, is when you don’t have enough plants in a space for the amounts of light output. Very few of us, have too much light in a space to begin with. At some point there’s a happy medium of just the right amount of plants per square foot.

I also want to point out the amount of plants per square foot. You could have over 100 small plants in a 4x4 or you could have 4 huge plants in a 4x4. Does either equal more grams per watt? More than likely, just because of efficiency.
I’m not saying I’m right and you are wrong, but because the efficiency is higher, your grams per watt should be higher, if your environmental conditions are optimal.
This only my opinion, your grow may vary. :seedling:


I’ve seen this light in action before my buddy killed his plants, fan failure, he was on his way for decent harvest.

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What light @Olddog2270 ??

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I’m thinking about mixing in some cfls for this grow, just to get a handle on things.

450 watt led…itll grow bud.

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In my experience, dry weight will be approximately 20-25% of the wet weight.


your space looks to be about 2’ x 2’…???
your light is probably using ~150 actual watts…???

if that /\ is true, u have enough light already,
spend that money on ventilating/circulating fans, when u drop that Blurple down in flower to get enough intensity out of it, the tops of the plants r gonna get hot.!

save up and get a HLG 135w V2 QB for that space.!!
it will out do the Blurple LED and run a little cooler.!

r your temps good when u run the Blurple.?

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Tested space and it ran no higher 79° with no fan, so it should be ok once everything is up and running. Also have an LG portable A/C/dehumidifier in living room where closet is so all I have to do is open closet door if things get out of control temp wise…especially when spring ,summer hits…Fl

was that with the LED up high like in the pic.?
did u let it run closed up for hours, or opening the door often.?

once they get true leaves they need air circulation,
if u fill the space they will also need ventilation.!
to get your light close enough the intake air will have to be 66-72,
this will allow u to get the light 12-18" above the tops and grow a canopy 16-18" deep.!


Door was closed. My place is some what drafty, once I put my fans in place, I’ll keep close watch…retired…got time.:grin::sunglasses:

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Btw…I can’t touch ceiling of closet…I’m 6’1"…plenty of room to circulate/vent air. I’ll be home…a lot most likely will be leaving door open…and comes over without calling…they know I won’t open the door, lol. Thank you so much for your input. I looked up that HLG light, thanks.

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