What lighting system do you prefer and why?


I prefer mh/hps lights im looking at the hlg qb 550 or the growmau5 pucks from rapid led but I’m getting a little over 20oz of wet trimmed bud a plant with 2 600w hps/mh lights in my 4x4x6 tent i still have 3 left to harvest my critical bilbo was 645 grams of trimmed bud. I already have a couple green and blue led strips.


I just keep hearing how inexpensive led is to run vs hps/mh


Hps and mh still beat all cheap leds thers is several you tube videos proving that along with the hlg quantum board being number 1 or number 2 as best grow light i think kings led beat it by 2 tenths of a par but not worth the money compared to the quantum board. I got my lights new off Craigslist for 150 dollars for 3 vivosun 600w mh and hps with a fan and filter. And works great for me


Thanks for feedback


Here’s my Jack herer


She looks tasty…:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Here’s my journal if you want to check it out


After cure how much is 20oz wet trim bud?

I see you harvested on plant of four at 650+grams wet? That’s a lot of bud. I wonder if you ca n accomplish those yields with less watts at the wall


Around 6oz or 7oz after a 2 1/2 month cure


Ok. So harvest, wet trim, weigh
20oz wet to 7oz cured, about a third…
What rh and temp do you cure in?


Nice!!! But this what I got setup…want to keep small…600 hps may be too much…


When ur girls grow up ur gonna wanna put some very bright lights on them


With 450watt led on…can see space better


Yes i just divide by 4 so 20oz lowest is 5oz but say you got rocks for buds then it will be more than 5oz cured weight


1of 2 NL


Meh, probably not putting much wattage through the LEDs themselves. But no worries itll grow pot


What does your light actually consume from the wall in watts



It’s a loner light don’t know much about