LED vs. CFL...Which is best?


I totally agree…



I agree !!


I grew 2 ak47 autoflowers under a 300w mars hydro led and like 5 65w each equivalent to 300w each cfls in a 4.2 sqf and did about 150 ish grams on one and about 90 grams on the other one. And it was my first grow. I replaced the mars hydro 300 for a mars hydro reflector 96 series now for my second grow


Hey guy’s and gals, I use T-5’s for most of my veg. and L.E.D.'s for flower. I have a pr. of Advance Platinum 600 watts. I am very happy with this setup as it works for me. Love L.E.D.'s Mike


have had very good results using CFL’s (500 watter’s and 100 watters for side-lighting) excellent results - now have two - 300 watt galaxyhydro - in transition to LED’s was getting the light distance figured out ( run 28 inches in veg and 18-20 in flower. LED’s better that cfl’s hands down. use 33 watt (12x12) panels for sidelighting. LED’s cheaper to run than cfl’s


4 x Blueberry @ 6 weeks in a 4 x 4 Tent under LED’s.

At 10 weeks they have grown a lot.


@steve2 do you make your own Lights? I use a combination of 15watt LED spots that are 90watt equivalent and 5 x 54 watt t5s for my veg light. It pulls 450 watts and my plants seem to like it. The led spots look a lot like yellowish spring sunlight to me and I found them for $1 each. The plants seem to like the light.

I use 800 watts of LED lights for flowering. I started using CFL, but I needed 1500 watts for flower for 20 sq foot and it was just too much heat to get rid of for me indoors.


look at “1,000 Bulbs.com” selfballast cfl’s figure 2 - 200 watt ( 1 = 400-600 HID.MH, ECT) Nice looking plants going to flower just right !!!


Usually that means equivalent to incandescent, not hid. If it says that any cfl is equivalent in output to a larger hid light I’d be surprised. If it were actually true I’d be absolutely shocked.