LED vs. CFL...Which is best?

I’m currently growing one plant in a 50cm x50cm X 200cm closet under 2 red-orange 85w CFL bloom lamps. Although I’m satisfied with how the plant is growing, it does seem to be kinda slow. I’ve read posts by others saying how satisfied they are with LED’s. Would it be worth switching?

I think LED’s are worth it. I have two Galaxyhydro 300w LED lights. I started with one but I liked the results enough to buy a second. I think I paid around $80 through Amazon prime.


Or add a led to the mix . That is what I do is use both


I have both as well. Mostly LED with CFL’s help a bit.


I agree I use the galaxy hydro 300 watt 9 band lights in my tent I have 4 total only using 3 now will add 4th for flower

I’m old school and I would go with either H I D or HPS 600 watt but thats just me
Here Is a chart I had around thought it mite help ya out

Quick Chart: Recommended LED wattage for high light plants (25 actual watts/sq ft)

1’ x 1’: 25 watts

2’ x 2’: 100 watts

3’ x 3’: 225 watts

4’ x 4’: 400 watts

5’ x 5’: 625 watts

6’ x 6’: 900 watts



So then, these specs shouldn’t be seen as 1200w?

So I’m actually only getting the 250-270 that it actually uses?

I’m limited to $200 for now. Iva helped me look in a different direction and this is where I am so far. I have until the beginning of next month to decide.

Thanks, Brother…

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cfl’s are far more cheaper than LED can spend any were from 500 -1,500 dollars. One can grow killer with CFL’s - suggest to use 500 watt cfl’s (they only take 100 watts to run)



I believe it go’s like this .it put’s out 1200 watts but only use’s 250 watt, … so yes your correct. And the heat is very low at 45 degrees and I just saw the price. If it is what they say.I mite just buy two of them. Then I could get rid of all the ducking and keep the fans for air flow.
I like that…hell ya!!!



Oops, didn’t mean to flag ya…sorry.

Interesting…what’s the advantage of using LED’S and CFL’S together?

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Ok, as I’m a mathematical idiot, how much wattage would I need if my grow space is 50cm x 50cm x 200cm? Thanks.

No worries

100-150 true watts would do it in that small space. Don’t put stadium lighting in there as you don’t want a fire hazard, IMO of course. I’d get a 4 way CFL splitter on a drop light maybe. 4 CFL’s (23w each) would get you where you need to be.

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And if you really want to get fancy cut a hole through one of those disposable turkey pans you get at the grocery store. Flip it upside down, feed the adaptor thru and bam, a reflector to keep the light heading down on the plants instead of up high where it’s not needed. With the lights, you’ll have a 100w grow light with bulbs for about $25. Use 6500k for veg and 2500-3000 for flower.


At the moment I have 2 85w cfls Compact FLUO 85w 6900k for the Veg stage is a high powered compact fluorescent grow lamp (CFL) suitable for the vegetative growth stage in the grow box and 2 of the same (different light spectrum) for blooming in the…bloom box. Lamps are rigged on chains that I can adjust up or down depending.

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That’s not fancy, that’s BRILLIANT! Great tip!

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I would think you’re all set then. I think CFL’s work great. My space is a bit larger so I went LED just for the power (in my mind anyway). But I still wasn’t happy with the outer ages since the led’s are at 90 degrees the light doesn’t spread as much as I thought. I use the CFLS around the outer edges just to make myself feel better and to add a bit more light.

You shouldn’t feel like you need to go LED, IMO. But, if you have some spare coin, go for it :slight_smile:

Spare coin… what’s that??? Thanks for the advice, I’ll stick with my trusty CFL’s than.

My leds lights run around 90f after being on for 16 hours

Just thought I’d share