LED Veg Lighting Vs. Flowering Lighting

First timer here… So, I think I’ve decided on a 2.5x5 for my 1st grow tent. I’ll be using this tent for veg and flowering this 1st go around. What is the best LED light source for veg and what is the best LED source for flowering?

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Most ppl here are going to point you towards HLG lighting or something similar.:rofl::rofl::rofl:


But you didn’t tell the OP why so many recommend HLG…

This is what I would recommend and will state that if you are shopping on Amazon for a light; you are in the wrong place. If the light is ‘blurple’, don’t buy it. If it came from overseas; don’t buy it.

There is an enormous amount of marketing hype and outright lying going on with these lights coming over from Alibaba and Wish. Samsung diodes are not used overseas (even if they tell you) but instead use inferior, older, lower performance diodes. (this is directly from Samsung)

HLG, Spyder Farmer, CHILled Logic, California Lightworks and a few others are worth looking at. Something in 3,000K or 3,500K will veg and flower just fine. One nice thing about these lights is you can turn them down while in veg and ramp em up in flower.


My apologies but i knew one of yas were gonna hit it outta the park with a reply…gotta love this site, so many helpful people and soooo much knowledge!!!

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I actually have decided on the ChilLED Tech for both processes. I know they r a bit pricey but I think I’ll save on electricity in the long run. Plus, I live in the south so it gets hella hot here.


Any recommendations on ventilation?

A/C Infinity Cloudline T6 with the new controller: it’s the best fan on the market.

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I have a 350R HLG, it does a fine job of both vegging & flowering. A3’ x 5’ in flower & 5’ x 5’ in veg. On sale at $549, tell them if your a veteran & they’ll give you 10% off that.

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Do I need the t6 bc my cfm is only 90 and that fan runs 402cfm?

The 6 inch in that space will never need to run flat out so will be nearly silent in operation. The controller can be used to trigger high or low heat and RH. I set mine at 79F and 55% and I set the peak fan speed below max. Fan will ramp up to a value that exhausts bad air then ramps down again.


I agree, get the 6". If/when you add filter it will knock actual air movement down quite a bit. The speed control on them is really next level stuff, you can dial in using manual mode if you absolutely need to. Being able to drop speed and maintain minimum air movement will keep down on noise as well.

If money is tight, get the s6 instead. It doesn’t have the auto controls, but you can upgrade to better controller later.

I have ordered my 2.5x5x6 tent, chilled tech lighting for both stages, air infinity fan with controller, and air infinity filter. Do I need CO2 and ph stuff? If so, can u recommend a good one? My husband will get the duct work and connectors etc. It is his department putting it all together for me. :rofl: I live in the south where we have high humidity and high temps in spring, summer, and most of fall. I think I will need a dehumidifier and I know I’ll need 2 small oscillating clip fans. I guess I need to know what else am I missing. Thanks so much for ur help!

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@lupuswarrior which chilled tech light did you go with? I have everything waiting to be set up just not my light haha I’m curious how you will like the chilled tech. And have you decided which medium you want to grow in? Soil, coco, hydro? Which Nutrients your going to be feeding your lovely lady’s? And yes you will also need some PH up and PH down. There are tons of different Nutrient lines out there.Jacks321, General hydroponics, advanced Nutrients, down to earth, etc. Some of them include liquid Nutrients and some Dry. It’s pretty much about preference I’ve seen a lot of fire :fire: stuff grown on this forum with ea of the nutrients I’ve listed above. Right now from what I can tell the Jacks 321 is hottest on market there’s a big boom for it haha and I won’t lie I’m even ordering it for my grow. A lot of people on here swear by it and it’s simplicity of use. No expert here just fellow learner and grower getting started too but sharing what I’ve seen since I’ve been here! Happy Growing and Good luck!

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I would recommend staying away from CO2 for now.

You’re going to need a decent PH and TDS meter along with calibration and storage solutions. Buy the best PH meter you can afford: I have a Bluelab and like it. Apera makes a decent meter. These are the two most-used tools you can own.

I have no idea what soil or nutrients I’m going to use yet. I’m currently reading through @Hellraiser grow journal. Lots of good info there! I’m just getting my supplies ordered to start up soon. I ordered 2 different ChilLED Tech after seeing all the youtubers review it. I got the ChilLED Tech x3 300 watts I think diy kits for $550 each. I got a coupon code off of a youtubers page for 5% off. Got 1 for veg and 1 for flowering stages. I wanted to spend a little more in start up so my electric bill won’t be as bad.

Is that 2 different tools or just 1 tool with everything included? Sorry, I’m not familiar with these tools.


This is the unit I have but you don’t have to spend as much as I did on a decent meter. Apera makes a PH20 for around $50 that does fine too. Although this unit does both PH and TDS.

Is there anything else I need as far as equipment through the whole growing process? I have tent, veg light, flowering light, exhaust fan, filter, and ph/tds meter. I will also be getting ductwork, 2 clip fans, dehumidifier, and netting for plants. I know I still need soil, nutes, ph up/down, buckets, seeds, etc.