Led shop light seedling distance

Greeting to all
seedlings up 7 days now have been using standard LED 4ft shop light
5000 lums will use it only for seedlings. Have 6 auto’s and 6 fems.
I am looking for a definitive LOL answer on distance from top of plant.
I have looked around the site but have read so many different answers as most posts i read are for grow LED. Sorry i am short on niceties, as i type at the pace of a glazier.

if you are using a general shop light…then you can get it pretty close to your plants…like 4 inches…feel with your hand if it is too hot raise it…heat is the problem and not the light spectrum in your situation

Good Saturday morning. You can get the Photone app on your phone and go by this chart for the. Happy growing :blush::v:

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Will do it now
Thanks I don’t feel so lost …well till probably tomorrow