LED questions about wattage

So I’ve been just browsing around thinkin about adding some more light and was wondering what y’all thought of adding a little led to the grow tent in the future. I was just wanting some confirmation on the wattage.

Now it says it only consumes 276 watts, but says it compares to a 600w hid bulb. I have a 600w hid mh/hps now. Does it mean that it will have the same intensity of a 600w, because that’s how I’m understanding it?


Yes it will, it’s a common misunderstanding between equivalent and actual draw, I know, it’s a little confusing,. The actual draw is only to demonstrate that they are energy efficient and helping people to calculate kilowatt hour consumption.

Hoping that’s enlighten you a little @Hawkeye_diesel :grinning:

~Al :innocent: :v:


Ok that’s what I though, so basically when I get this one it will be like having 2 600w lights, correct?
Also thanks Al

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Correct :+1::ok_hand: You’re welcome Hawk

Alright, alright, alright… haha Thank you @Niala

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You can called me Al :v: :innocent: lol :grinning:

Alright, done
Thanks Al

I usually go by my nickname, Hawkeye. I’ve had that name ever since I started huntin haha

Sorry I have read too fast, 1 600W equivalent gone a give the equivalent of 1 600W hid not 2, lol :grinning: @Hawkeye_diesel

No, I already have a 600w hid and if I add it, it would be 1200 watts combined haha

Hawkeye it will be :grinning:

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Adding led with Hid is good your grow get a fill range of spectrum and led will help resin production!

Thanks yoshi, that’s what I was planning on doing