Led or t5 grow light face off

Just say what light u think will work better t5 or led here’s the 2 for reference

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Led got around ounces a light so the led still paid for its self one crop now let’s see how the t5 works. Led 265 w /T5 230 w

Here’s one pic of my dwc under t5


I’d use both. that cobs footprint is probably not to big and lacking penetration in the t5. That’s why I’d use both


Teamwork makes the dreamwork


Need the other one for closet for clones / breeding

T5’s may actually have higher efficacy than those leds. Given the significant difference in coverage between the two fixtures allowing you to run t5’s right on top of plants and getting 3x more canopy, it wouldn’t surprise me if the t5’ produced more than that led fixture.

Grower skill level and experience with equipment probably means more than anything.


It did good the led it payed for it self but yes I have them close to the light not that hot this cola came from the same one

this was I went this way it was only 99 bucks :canada: So for u guys 50 bucks

Thanks for stopping in so that’s 2 for t5 and 2 for both don’t forget to vote guys I wish I could do a give away my seeds o well it’s fun