Led or HPS for first time grow


I am getting all my supplies together for my first grow. Iv been doing lots of reading on LEDs vs HPS lights. My choices are the apollo 600w HPS vs. a viparspectra 600w. I’m leaning towards the LED so far for the energy consumption. But Iv heard the viparspectra 600w alone isn’t enough. I’m looking to grow 4-6 plants in a 4x4 tent
Thanks in advance!


The 600 watt hid would do a fine job by itself but I would get two of the LEDs you mentioned if I was going to use led’s


led’s are more efficient so you can buy two of those led’s and only use the power that a comparable hps would use… for the footprint you are looking to cover I would get two led’s


And i believe 2 leds will run a lot cooler than 1 hps.


Check the Mars 700. I’m ordering one on their black Friday sale. 261$ out the door


I’m thinking I might just start with maybe 3 plants and the single viparspectra 600 until Iv got the funds for another one. Iv heard I need other supplemental lights though because the viparspectra doesn’t have enough blue or red??


Now I’m thinking about just getting the 600w HPS because heat shouldn’t be a problem for me.


Led has treated me pretty good I supplement with some cfl up close and they seem to love it


I do great with my 400w hps. Its a son t grow. Not a ebay cheap one. I love it.


I like the energy savings on LED, but the ViparSpectra 600 is only about 275 true watts, so 11 sq ft max. You’ll need two to bloom the whole tent.