Led lights together with metal halide

So i got dialed in on the veg state on 18/6 i have 2 2000w leds and i added my 400w mh into the tent. Oh, its a 4x4x80 tent i have 12 plants going on to week 7, im almost ready to flip the lighting to a 12/12. Now, the leds stay the same but should i change to mh to hps or just leave it alone? Thanks guys,
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What type of leds are they? 12 plants in a 4x4. I had 9 veg for 8 weeks and very quickly needed to add a second tent after I began flowering… They can double or triple in size over the 3week stretch. There simply wasn’t enough room.

Are all these plants going into the same tent? If they are, you may want to consider another tent the same size, or even a 5x5. 12 plants in a 4x4 is going to drastically impact the all around quality of your grow. Light penetration will be minimal because of overcrowding. As already stated plants can more than double in size when flower is initiated. I’m doing 3 photos and an auto in a 32"x32"x63" and I’m going to be super crowded. You could double your yield with 2 tents, though. Unless I read the post wrong.

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Having it that packed will be a grand opening for mold mildew and or budrot also as u won’t get the airflow thru like the plants will need. I have a 4x7x9 high room and I can only fit 8 or 9 packed in there mh is usually used for vegging and hos is usually used during flower period but u can flower with a mh bulb as I did on my first grow never switch to the hos bulb and it still grew real well