LED lights Suitability question


I am preparing for my first indoor grow in the next year or so. I have several powerful tricolor LED light fixtures that I’ve used in the music biz for rock band shows. The name of the fixture is Chauvet DJ slimpar T12. They are rated at 3801 lux at 2 meters. Each fixture has 12 RGB LEDs. I can precisely control the blend of RGB and thus the light spectrum point in each fixture via a DMX controller. I can also control brightness of each fixture.

Based on my extreme naivete and limited experience with indoor grows, it would appear that these fixtures would work for an indoor grow if brightness, spectrum points and daily exposure times were correct for the strain and life cycle point of the crop.

If I’m way off base I’d love to know why. This is my first real attempt and I’m trying to save coin any way I can. I can sell these fixtures on Ebay and get enough to pick up a decent starter rig based on what I’ve gleaned online.

Thanks for the time and consideration!

I don’t speak lux lol. But I’ll tag @dbrn32 in. He will know the right questions to ask about them.


They appear to be similar to what a 40 watt blurple panel would be, only you have individual dimming control. Between 3 of them you could probably grow a modest sized plant or two fine with them.

The guys running higher end lights would usually flower between 60,000 -100,000 lux. You don’t necessarily need that much to grow weed, was just giving an example. You could probably do something like a 2’x2’ space and have reasonable results.


Thanks so much for your prompt and concise reply. I’ve got four of these 39 watt fixtures and four smaller versions by ADJ at about 12 watts each. That should be enough to raise a few plants to happy maturity.


Sorry, I’m not sure where I got the three units from.

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No problem thanks again :+1::ok_hand:


You should see how much you can get for them on eBay though. Tricolor with individual real-time control is much more valuable for discos, rock shows, etc. Not needed at all for plants. You might get enough for them to buy some great grow lights from HLG, RapidLED, etc.

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