LED lights pros and cons

true running a pair of 1000’s in there would raise the bill a bit im sure… i typically stick with the 600’s and the bill increase wasnt quite as bad as i was expecting honestly… i may move up to a 1000 at some point though just to try them out… been curious for a while…

I’ve been debating grabbing a 600 or 1000 HID setup to put in the garage during winter. I think for what I’m doing I would probably be better off with two 600s instead of one 1000, but that means twice as much $#!+ to pay for. lol

ive been really happy with my 600’s … they have never let me down and the bulbs are pretty reasonable honestly…

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After a ballast went on fire, I decided to go Led. I tried many spending over £300+ a unit, from 400w - 1000w, . I am back to using hps. Unless you are prepared to spend over £1,500 per unit you are wasting money (in my opinion). I took advice went on forums but, grow after grow, light fluffy buds. plants like spindals, on the veg they looked ok but the end result was always crap. I’d strongly advise a good lux meter, because time after time after a few weeks of use the leds readings went down and down, till you got hardly any till you put the meter on the light.+, I tried all sorts of makes and models, also my friend tried the same. In my opinion avoid like the plague unless your growing veg.

A large majority of us use LED’s and grow great plants. If you fall into the low quality LED trap, then yes, your crop will suffer. There is a hike in start up cost with quality LED’s but they pay for themselves in a few harvests with great product and low energy costs.

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I’m running $400 in LEDs and got 528g out of my last grow and it’s looking like I’ll beat that this time by at least 100g. 431w total actual and 226w are old off brand blurples