Led lights I have 2x4 tent and suggestions

Anybody have and good suggestions I have a 2x4 tent I’m looking to get new led. I have a 1000 watt pb maxi sun and a king 1000 watt and a viper spectra 300 watt and viper spectra 600 watt with veg and bloom switch. In the tent I have the 1000 watt maxisun and 1000 watt king. Led

Have you looked into hlg? I’ve read lloy.of good and just purchased one of their kits. I went with a 320 kit for a 2x4.


@Ghostface716 I have heard of them I just need something budget friendly and easy on the electric bill. Do you like viper spectra the king was just a back up but I’m using it cause the viper spectra 600 watt with the veg and bloom switch has been through a few grows probaley like 6 so I put the king in instead.

Im not the best guy to make an educated guess. I grew some sour diesel autos with a 250W hps and 1x sf1000. They ended up being ball bats. This round growing gdp and they are bangers also. They are almost 6ft tall so had to take out hps and just rocking 2x sf1000s. 600W should be more than enough for a 2x4.

Snap some pics of the lights let’s see what ya got. I’m sure we can figure it out to get ya going. With what ya got it’ll take all of them tho most likely

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In the tent I have a maxisun pb 1000watt which and 1000 watt king I got them from Amazon look them up u want pics of the lights? You think it’s gonna take those 2 plus the 600 watt viper spectra and the 300 watt viper spectra in the 2x4

You can get a factory refurbished HLG 350R for $400 - $200 off the new price.
That’s everything you need right there.
It’ll pay for itself in 2 grows - MAX!
I pulled over 8oz my first run and for what weed used to go for in a illegal state(changed now) I paid for every expense of my grow with that one haul.
I used to buy probably 3ozs a month and I haven’t bought a lick since September!!



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If I had the money I’d have a 320 in my tent. Right now I have a 260xl and 2 viparspectras in there vips r 3ppw dimmables flower I’ll add 2 600w growstar and ditch the vips


Oh my 2x4x5 tent is on its side so it’s 2x5x4 high


@Mark0427 ya I just have the maxi sun pb 1000 watt and the king 1000 watt in a 2x4 I took out the viper 600 and out the king 1000 in

@Mark0427 I do have the 300 watt viper older one not the new model and the old viper spectra 600watt that I don’t have in the tent

I also have a 260 xl and its a sweet light

i got the mars hydro 2x4 tent kit with the SP 3000, i have limited experience, but i am very pleased with the $ to awesome grow ratio

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@BudzMS thats the name of lights

Yes his light is a hlg 260xl look at king Brite lights on Alibaba. Make sure they have Samsung chips and meanwell drivers. @CoyoteCody has an enfun set just like the king Brite basically Amazon sells but u need to watch the chips and drivers thru there as they will say comes with meanwell then send some china made crap with shitty led chips like my enfun set did

Mars SP3000 and Raymatix HAMR+ are good choices for a 2x4

@Mark0427 oj okay ya I like led lights

Hps and mh are great just super costly to run. Are u a handy guy like can u purchase led strips and stuff and build a light for that space?? If u are handy I’m sure @dbm can throw u a list of what u will need to make a light for that tent to bang it out nicely for u. He is the light guru here and knows alot about them. Can build u a PLC strip light prolly fairly cheap and have nice chips and driver for them. U can add uv in it also as long as they have all the stuff in stock to purchase.

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@Mark0427 nit to handy but hey would still like to hear about it. Ya I use led lights. I like viper thinking about a spider farmer

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