Led lights for hydroponics in a 4x8 tent

I have a 4x8 tent with 10 plants in 5 gallon bucket and need led lights on a budget

Welcome! What kind of budget? A big space needs a big budget.


I was thinking of getting 3 viparspectra p1500’s

You would need a minimum of 6 of those to properly light that large of space.


A 4ft x 8ft tent

Yeah, they only flower a 2.5’ x 2.5’ space.

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Very good point. I have 2 apelila 4500w led lights and a 4000w I’m not sure what brand… I could maybe use all 6 huh

I can’t find any info on the other one.and don’t know what the apelila lights have as far as par.they are only about 8 or 10 inches square though.

The apelila 5000w only consumes around 200 actual watts so the 4500 would be less than that. And it states it flowers 2x2 space. But I wouldn’t trust anything they say. At least viparspectra is a reputable company, they just don’t use the best diodes.

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They were 4500 or 5000w but I bought them under the impression that would work. I want to know how I can use them or correct the situation with the least amount of expenditure because the wife just had surgery and the bills are all on me. I will get whatever I need but I have 3 week old plants in my tent and don’t want to lose it all.

You can use them. They aren’t going to harm anything. You just won’t get the yield and bud density you would with quality lights.

Your best bet for budget is 2 Mars hydro 3000s it’ll run you at about 900 total and flower a 4x8 great

I bought 6 mars hydro ts1000.

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