Led lights for growing

Hello I want to talk about LED lights. I’m an old school guy. I have grown most of my life with hard water. The new problem is tap water and led light. I love hps. I read where how much they save on money. I’m not seeing it. Running hps. I have cut back on all power and lights that drain your power. I like a nice area to work around. I fell today trying to work around my plants. I’m worried that I need to grow less. Two plants in a 4x4. I do know leds do put heat out also. Either way you still need ventilation. I use fresh air for my lights. The air coming is before it hit the lights are stout 50’f. Ok hear we go. I’m able it work my plants all day. I have eyes on them all day. The problem is I want be able to do this from here on out. I am looking at HLG bigger lights. I do use 4K for extra light. I need to see some set ups. Timers for heat. What is the best fans to use. Not the most expensive but reliable. I can’t have any sound. I can have some. Show me what you got as far

as set up’s and some reason why? Thanks

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AC infinity T series have controllers built in and are the most low noise fans, they kick on at set values be it temp., humidty, time, etc.

4k is for veg 3.5k is best all around and 3k is for flower but can grow seed to harvest as well.

If you want to see one setups go browse as they are spread all over the forums

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I have . I’m not really seeing enough. I figured it out. I do like the fan. Little pricey. Thanks

You always have good input.

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What wattage are your HPS lights?
Do you use a fan for cooling your HPS?
LED’s can/do use less power from the wall than HPS for the same PAR rating with less heat generation.
Another thing to take into consideration is that HPS and MH lights lose efficiency in as little as 1 grow. So you have to replace them every couple of grows.
You can’t go wrong with HLG lights considering their warranty. There are a lot of manufactures with LED builds without as great of a warranty that work fine.
I’m not strapped for money but I do things as cheaply as possible, and take the hit when it doesn’t work out.
In a 4X4 you will want at least 480w light. I’m running an off brand 440w in a 3x3. Just flipped to flower last week with this light so don’t have results yet The nice thing with the LED lights is for veg you can run them at about 1/2 power and crank them up for flowering.
Check out Hellraiser’s setups He runs HLG’s and produces amazing quality and quantity.

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I ordered two today.

I’ll have the two tents ready for my next run. I’ll post what it looks like soon.

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Two ts3000 got a deal. Just need good air. Some timers. Air cans. I think I’ll be ok. Much love.

I run 1000w and a 600w together. The phantom 2 I can get my money back out of it. The other stuff like the one 600w I’ll keep. And hood. For back up

How often do you replace the bulbs?

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I just started back in Augusta with a bag of seeds. I grew about 5 years ago out west. But I would change out once or twice a year.