LED lights during the stretch phase

I’m curious if anyone else notices considerably LESS stretch with LED over HPS and MH lights?
I run the HLG 550 v2 with booster in one tent and a pair of 260’s in my other and never really have had any really put on height such as I did with the heat monsters. With photos that’s no real big deal because you can just veg longer.
With ruderalis I find myself wanting more. The longest I’ve had one go is the amnesia XXL with a height currently at 14” in the stretch from the base.
I just started an NFT flood and drain setup to see if I can actually get one to 24” before she pops. I’ve tried lights, up, down, bright and dim.
Ive used both nectar for the gods and general hydro flora and am pleased with node spacing but just wanting a little more.
To see the new setup I put it up on GD under the same user name.

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Leds don’t have the far red that hps has, so they don’t really induce the stretch that you would see either.


The QB’s are very intense. I backed mine off because my node spacing was short. 24” is where I found to be best .

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I’ve included putting 2, G8 90 watt flower inducers at the beginning of flower. One would think that would make a difference

Not really, those are all 630nm and 660nm to best of my knowledge. Those are really specific to their line of lights that seem to lack those wavelengths

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Have any infrared or red bloom lights you do recommend? It may not even really behoove me since I have the HLG but you know how it is trying to get the most always.

Hlg and cutter both make units to supplement some of the missing reds from standard white phosphor coated LEDs. But I’m not really sure adding a reasonable amount of them will make a huge difference in node spacing, maybe a little.