LED lighting setup for a 4x4 grow tent…

The HLG 600 Rspec comes ready to plug in, no assembly required. Great light for $699, use the discount code “dude” and it’s only $629, even better. Add the HLG UVA 30 and youll have a hell of a nice setup.

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Not in the least, I use a 550 rspec in a 3x3, along with other lights.

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heck no thats an awesome choice! im glad youre getting a better light… that 1529 PPF is gonna do you right!! with any tent application light, make sure you have the head room “Recommended Mounting Height 28-36 inches above canopy” thats not bad at all. not sure the height dimensions of your 4x4 or the strains youre growing but i think you should be just fine with just 1 plant

It’s 6.5feet tall and I have thought about that uva 30 bar but have heard a lot of mixed stuff about uvA and uvB do you happen to have any input on this?

So I’ve done a little more looking into it and I think I’m going to start with hlg 260w xl v2 rspec for now and when I get a little further into the veg stage I’m going to add a second one. Have seen a lot of people say that the coverage on the 260xl is great and creates less hotspots. And I think it will end up being a little less power. Do you happen to know much about the uva 30? Seems that you only use it in the end stages of flowering? Also does anybody happen to know much about supplemental lighting have seen a few videos where people have supplemental light bars for underneath the canopy and trellis. Does this help and or would it be worth looking into?

The hardest part is stripping the power cord and getting the waterproof connector together right. The power cord is really thick insulation and I had to use a knife to trim it, because an ordinary wires stripper isn’t going to cut it. Then the waterproof connector has to be close enough to the insulation to seal right.
I have two 260 XLs, and had to do that job twice each time to get it right. If working on a car is no big deal for you, it’s not a big deal at all. They give extra connectors and plenty of wire.
When I bought the 260s, it was the most common answer to 4x4, and I have not been sorry. I’m learning myself, and lights are the part to get right first.

Exactly the way I went. The ability to pay half now and half later made the purchase less painful. I like the economy of 1 light for veg, 2 lights for flower.
I just started a grow in a 4x4 using the lights if you wanted to follow.

I responded in another post, but if you were interested in the UVA30, you could order one when you order your second 260, or when they were back in stock whichever event happened last. I didn’t see much of a difference, but I probably got my UVA30 too late to see it. I will be using one during flowering, the possibility that it might suppress fungus is too good to not try.
In a 4x4 2 of the 260s is really all you need, and I don’t see many people using supplemental lights below. Good enough is good enough.

Yes, 2 x 260w XL’s would be nice in a 4x4 as well, bit more spread out for better coverage. I use UVA throughout veg and flowering, though most growers only use it during flowering and some only use it for last few weeks.

I often use under-lighting but most growers would be better off on just putting their resources in lights above the plants, once you get to my level where you have way more light than needed up top, then can think about supplementing light from below.

My 3x3 flowering tent lights - the equivalent of 3 x 260w with 2 UVA30s.


Awesome reply Thankyou so much!! A few question for you hell raiser if u don’t mind, I’ve heard a lot of controversy between UVA and UVB. Do you have any input on this?? Also with the hlg260’s had read somewhere that it’s recommended to add supplemental far red to help and is also good for using them to put them to sleep. Any advice/input you have is greatly appreciated this will be my first grow but I want to do it right!!

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I prefer using UVA over UVB, have used both and both lamp types produce similar results on the plants but I often forget to turn off my UV lamps when working in the tents and would much rather have UVA shining on my head then UVB which is a bit more dangerous to work under as far as sunburn and even melanoma (skin cancer). In the outdoors, there is a ton of UVA while most UVB is blocked by our atmosphere, which is a good thing otherwise we would not be able to go outside. If you look at what kind of lamps the better LED light companies are making (HLG, ChilLED, etc,) you’ll see they make UVA lamps, not UVB.

Certainly not needed but I have experimented with the HLG far red lamps (730nm) to speed up harvests, using the far red lamp in flowering for a short time (5-7 minutes) after the main lights go out, which does put the plants to sleep faster allowing for a 13/11 light schedule which cuts down on flowering time a little, took a week off my normal flowering time.

Awesome I do understand fully! How can I find out how much UVA I need? Or how many light bars? Same question for the far red how can I find out what I need and for how long they need to be on etc? Thankyou again for all the help! Hopefully when I get everything up and going you can follow my first grow journal and give pointers whenever you see fit

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The HLG UVA30 is good for covering a 4x4 area, same for the HLG far red lamp. I do 12 hours of UVA a day in veg and for whatever hours the light is on in flowering (I do a lot of experiments). I would do 7 minutes of far red after the main lights turn off in flowering if you want to try the far red thing. Tag me when you start a journal and I’d be happy to help out.

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Any input on the nanolux led bars? Haven’t heard much chatter about them.

I defer to @dbrn32 about the latest, I only know enough to be dangerous.


They seem alright.