LED lighting setup for a 4x4 grow tent…

Hello all I am looking for advice on what is going to be a cost efficient setup for leds in my 4x4 grow tent I plan on growing hydroponically with a DWC bubbleponics system. Would like to do 1 plant with topping and SCROG technique. Any advice on lights would be much appreciated I would like to stick with leds and I want to get something I know is going to last and do what it needs to do. Also if possible could someone give an example of what kind of yield I can expect with different wattage leds. Thanks for the help a new grower here

If you’re looking for something you won’t need to upgrade in a few years; two HLG 260xl kits will give you all you need. Mine have been running non stop for over 2 years now. Still producing the same as day one.


im a firm believer that full spectrum white light smokes blurps when it comes to LED and while i absolutely love HLG because i mean after all they are the godfathers of quantum LED boards …BUT! on a budget Phlizon does sooo much work itll look like someone swapped out your plants some days just soo much growth!!, its truly a low cost option and the price is sooo low you can pickup a backup for the dark days ahead :stuck_out_tongue: , i love this light!, out of the 10x LED lights i own this is probably my favorite and i own 2 of them now Amazon.com

In my opinion that phillizon light is only adequate for 2x4 in VEG only. It’s extremely under powered in comparison to the HLG option, the price reflects the difference.

Im with @BobbyDigital hlg. Best customer service so far. Super friendky and i love the tennessee accent that the lady and the guy had on the phone. Was great ppl to talk to carried on a story with me and all. Sent me a rellacement driver for my 26pxl and was here in 2 days. Not bad. The drivers on the new 260xls are not gonna be meanwell drivers so ppl know. Hlg foind certain loghts not descripted dont do so well with me@nwell dri ers so they switched up to inventronics for certain lights to be powered by. So if u order hlg and dont get meanwell dont be surprised. Still a nice driver and it seems to be a slight bit brighter than my other 260xls are


I’d consider the medicgrow fold 8 and compare to cost and features of the HLG.

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Yep for 149 i got some enfun boards with 240w drivers work great but nothing comparable to hlg. Have off super nice looking buds but nowhere near as dense as what the hlgs hive. Hell i still have the r sets and a 120w set lol. Contacyed the company i got from they want me to pay shippong to send back to them they will fix replace or refund depending on theor conclusion on the lights lol. Itll cost me like 200 or more to ship all the lights back to them. No bueno here. I didnt pay for the lights anyways lol. Any ideas as to what i can do to see why the uv loghts are not working like they shoild. Is there a trick to test and see whats up @dbrn32 if not no.biggie lol. And the talk about the donate thing. Did u ever chat about that with any1. I jave a person in mind just from here to canada with a pkg that heavy idk what it would cost.

Shipping light to Canada is probably going to cost more than it’s worth. I shipped hand built 360 watt light there few years back. I think it was about $170 in shipping cost, plus some import fees to get the package rolling. Once it cleared customs I was notified there would be additional carrier fee to make from hub to final destination. All said and done I think was about $260.

As far as being able to make it happen, maybe. But there’s a lot of things that would need to happen and this is on long list of items that still needs to be prioritized. So even if we can figure something out, probably won’t be soon.


I have heard this name a lot here lately I do have one main question tho, better to get the 600h or 2 260? Second thing is I have no experience building lights or putting them together but I am pretty mechanically inclined (worked on cars for 7 years), how hard are these to build? Or put together.

What specific Philizon light do you think I would need for this setup? Trying to explore different options maybe start with a little cheaper setup then when I get a second tent can purchase the higher quality stuff

My advice is to go smaller, not less efficient. An HLG 100 V-2 R-spec is only $150 and will work in a 2’x2’. It won’t blow the door off the tent, but it will do really well for a small amount of money.


hahah best customer service, doesnt that imply you needed to contact customer service?? …red flags bud

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Mistakes happin and they make up for it ten fold instead of getting mad and blaming the customer like alot of retailers do.

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oh for sure… im just bein stupid lol

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I did. I had a faulty driver but was replaced in 2 days and no charge to me at all got an updated driver and the talk was great woth them. No red flags at all even being the one who had an issue it happes to every company out there except hlg will fix the issues and their customer service is excellent

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heck yah good customer service goes a long way …i hate when i find a good product and customer support is total trash, Bloombeast for example sick COB/CREE LEDs but the trash customer service will treat you like a terrorist

on a budget I really like this light Phlizon 2020 1000W Plant LED Grow Light Used with Samsung LM301B LEDs Dimmable Full Spectrum…i wouldnt suggest it if i didnt believe in the product ive seen first hand how amazing these lights are i have lights i spent far more on that dont do near the work, and im hesitant about suggesting a lower end option but i understand being on a budget. I still have regrets about buying cheap lights in the long run but i was also on a budget, if anything though you can utilize them elsewhere later on when you do upgrade so kind of a win win

Thanks guys I appreciate it I think I’m gunna go ahead and get a 600 hlg how hard are these things to put together?

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Or do you think the 600r is too much for a 4x4? It’s says for 5x5 veg on the website

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They’re like assembling an IKEA lamp. You can watch a guide on YouTube to get a better idea.

The 600r might be more light than you need, but you can dim it if you want, and run it at a higher output if your plants can tolerate it.