LED Lighting Question

I recently purchased a 45W Grow LED and have a seedling growing in my 2x4x4.5 grow room.

At what point will I need to add more light, or will this be enough to take a White Widow through to harvest? Not looking for huge yields, just a good plant for personal harvest.

Thanks in advance!

I would add another 45w led around the time you get ready to flower so the light can penetrate to a deeper extent of the plant and flower, as well as grow and finish properly instead of having harvest pushed off due to not enough light

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Will do!

Thanks for the advice.

Any time my friend

I have had 2 2700k led and 2 5000k led on mine the whole time. She loves it. I’m in about the same amount of space as you. Make sure your using the correct color. 2700k for flower and 5000 for veg or combo I’ve heard is best.

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Particularly any thing with blue spectrum is great for vegitative any thing, with red/yellow/orange spectrum for flowering, and if I’m not mistaken red and orange spectrum in vegitative growth will help root development

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