LED lighting for room

How many FC-E3000 would I need for a 7’x10’ grow space? Thank you in advance for the info. Would Love to know the calculation between LED wattage light output to HPS wattage light output.

The person that you probably want to ask is @dbrn32

He knows these things

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Rule of thumb 40 to 50 watts a square foot that’s quality lighting

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Flowering coverage 3x3, and that’s probably a stretch from Mars hydro. I would look for fixtures more designed for 4x4 and probably do 4 of them. Assuming there will be gap in center of canopy to access plants anyway.

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Thank you, was looking towards putting 6 in the area. Would that be sufficient enough to cover that whole area or would that still be straining what they could do?

Probably. It’s hard to say because mars doesn’t give you ppf of their fixtures.