LED lighting color switch

Has anyone ever transitioned from red/blue led lighting to stronger, longer white led lighting.
Specifically, does it shock them?

What spectrum?

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When upgrading lights you’ll want to start them up higher than your older lights and if the new light/s have a dimmer you can also dim them down to start and as the plants become adjusted over a day’s to a week etc you’ll be able to lower and or increase the power.
Kind of hard to really answer specifically without knowing what light you have now and what light you are replacing that with

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Thanks…looking for specs on the larger white fixture in a 6 x 8 tent. Here’s the small one…

My apologies…long-time outdoor grower, first-time indoors. My lack of knowledge has become quite apparent! Will try in the future to have all neccessary facts.
Thank you for responding!

Hey man no worries there always happy to help. You shouldn’t have any issues switching over as long as your in an acceptable range for plants.

I would definitely recommend upping your light wattage for a 4x8 and be careful with the blurple stuff. They sell it as we use 500 10w diodes so it’s a 5000 watt light but that’s not correct. You wanna make sure what you pull from the wall is in the range of 30-50 watts per sq foot and having an efficient light somewhere above 2.1 umol/j would give you the best bang for your buck.

Good luck with your experience once you get sorted with lights you’ll be off to the races :+1:

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:racehorse::racehorse::racehorse: with do!