LED lighting choices .... Help Please

I’m a rookie a bit overwhelmed with all the LED lighting choices available. Going to use a 4x4 tent and have read the advise here recommending 40 -50W per sq ft.

Contemplating using Max Bloom X6, 600 watt 12 band spectrum w/ COB LEDs. Supposedly pulls 300 W to run. Listed on Amazon

and appears to be a decent light. Based on recommendations found here looks like I’d need two of them for a 4x4 setup. Manufacturer says one is recommended for a 4x5 tent.

Anybody ever heard of this LED light? I haven’t seen anyone talking about this one in all my internet searches. Appears to be using quality LEDs (Cree) and has a 5 yr warranty listed. Seems a bit too good to be true type of thing. Appreciate any comments on this light or recommendations for other lights ($200 - $400 max budget) for a 4x4. Thanks so much!! … anxious to get started


My 2 cents is, 4x4=16, x50=800 you need 800 true watts for your tent (but I am new at this) Viparspectra or Mars make good LED lights but price is high .

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Thanks daddydays appreciate quick reply. Yeah I know based on the recommended 50W I would need more than one. Guess it’s another example of vendor over promising on coverage. The “Max Bloom” appeared to perform better than most. However, I find very little about them discussed other than on Amazon reviews and am worried about bogus performance reviews being posted. Thanks again for your reply … probably smarter for me to go with more recognized suppliers

Np, I am looking into Viparspectra myself, got a 2x3x4ish wooden box I made and was going to use cfl if I didn’t have to lower the lights but just found out you still need to lower and raise them even if you grow auto’s.


I’m not real knowledgeable on the LED lighting topic. However, t was a little concerned that the Vipraspectors seem to be lacking on the red spectrum wavelength output. I’ve read that they are great for vegetative stage but not as good for flower stage. Seems like they are very popular though.

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@Nepa, First, welcome to ILGM forum :grinning:

It’s a fairly good fixture but a little pricey (MaxBloom x6)…

2 of these will do a little better and help you have a more even coverage

If you have further questions, please just ask😀

~Al :v: :innocent:
Yes, in the graph representation, it seems to have a lack of red spectrum but that’s all switch turn on, veg and bloom, they are dimmable, so the spectrum is ajustable

Thanks for the welcome @Niala. Appreciate your suggestion. I have been considering the Vipraspectra. They seem to be a popular choice. However, I was concerned that they seem to be lacking in the output of red spectrum light and was worried they might not work well during flower cycle. Also, based on recommended 40 - 50W per sq ft I’ve read in here. Two of them would only provide about half of that recommended output for a 4x4 tent (info on Amazon site says the Viparspectra PAR 450 pulls 210W max). Have you heard of people getting good results with a setup like that?

I sound like I know a lot more about this than I do … only a rookie trying to ask the right questions and hopefully avoid wasting $. Thanks again for your help and suggestions!


Yeah i have a viper 1200 in a 4x4 and its good but not enough coverage for flower i was advised by the good people here to try 4 x 300w to get the desired coverage. Is there a supplement that can be added to get more red?

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I have edit my post after I saw your reply @Nepa

So, with a max 400$ in budget, it’s tight for fairly good LED’s, you can go with 2 MaxBloom x4 but you will bust your budget of 60$ and also be shy on true watts

Thanks @Niala . I didn’t see your edit until after I posted my reply. Regarding the dimmable feature of the light. I understand that dimmable feature can mix / adjust the wavelength frequency. However, if the Vipra 's spectrum graph is shown with “all switch turnon” is it possible to adjust red wavelength for higher output? Isn’t red light output “maxed out” on graph distribution? Hope my response makes sense… lol. Thanks again for your help

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Or you can go with 3 or 4 of those

Not necessarly, the blue spectrum are more energetic than the red spectrum and can affect the reading, but it’s true that they give a lot of blue spectrum, probably because they have 3 channel spectrum, blue, red and white. The white will put some more blue spectrum, anyway, you can easily dim the blue spectrum :wink:@Nepa

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Thanks @Niala … I haven’t seen those before. Looks like that might be a good value / selection for my needs. You’re the best!

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@Nepa You’re welcome, it’s always a pleasure to help a fellow grower’s :grinning: :wink: :innocent: :v:

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Yes. Depend on your budget @Impala64

Here’s some suggestions

2 to 4 of those

4 to 6 of those

6 to 8 of those

8 to 10 of those

Hoping that’s helping you Impala… If you have further questions, please, do not hesitate to ask :grinning:

~Al :v: :innocent:

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@Nepa I use all roleadro and am very happy with them so far. But I been looking at the recordcent grow light. That one looks really nice

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@Niala thank you

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You’re welcome @Impala64

I have two of these lights they work great


What’s up? What size is your tent?

@TakSiX-420 I have a 48"x48"x80" tent.