LED light requirements for a small 2x1 1/2 closet 7 feet tall

Sorry if this is a noob question that has already been asked. First time grower and looking to start out growing just a single plant in my small closet its 2 feet by 1 1/2 and about 7 feet tall. Plan on using LED lights but dont know what size light would work best. Any help would be greatly appreciated

Something like the HLG100 would work for a space that size. The budget versions aren’t recommended much around here, but if money’s tight you could make do with a Spider Farmer SF1000 or Mars Hydro TS1000.


Keep in mind you’re probably going to be limited to one plant at a time in a space that small, so I would set it up with a SCROG net to make the best use of your space and light.

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HLG 100 V2 3000K will be just fine for your grow space. I have three of them and they are great.


Awesome thank you guys for the quick replies, loving this site already


Your closet should look like this!