LED light recommendation for 6.5 x 6.5 tent

Hi @dbrn32 .
I think I’ll stick with HPS then and with time upgrade to LED.
I think that might be the way to go.

Thank you all for the help and insights you provided.
I still have to setup an aeroponics system but good things take time.


But on terms of your hid to a diablo scorpion the scorpion is a better light much better but not the best … scorpions use 6 648 boards and a 650 watt driver while a 600 uses 4 288s with a 620 watt max so the boards are able to be cranked much higher for better penetration and higher above canopy capabilities… scorpions more for slamming a fixture down close to canopy with out bleaching at max power there made for vertical farming or rack style growing … different applications

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This is the same type of feedback when I asked a similar question, What is the best lighting option for my indoor grow? Everybody said LEDs r the way to go, HLG was brought up a lot, along with several other brand names, but it seamed a lot of people were still in the “experiment” stages. Use this along with this to get desired results, I heard that a lot. Do your HOMEWORK here with an open mind, I’m still doing mine. In the meantime, I’m burning a MHL for veg. with a separate space for CFLs for the very young, and a HPS for buds. Getting 2 to 21/2ozs. every 12 to 15 days O the horror, them dirty, toxic, so n so HIDs. Save some money on the CO2 your really not big enough for the added expense, save it for them LEDs. If you got the HIDs use’em, there’s a LOT of info. on LEDs start reading.:dizzy_face::alien:

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Props. I love HID growers. If it ain’t broke, why fix it?

I encourage all new growers to consider HID. They’re proven, affordable and effective.

On top of those reasons, a search online or at your local grow shop, you could find some used ballasts for next to nothing. I’m sitting on 2 1000w magnetic ballasts I got for $20. I have no idea what I’ll do with them, but I have them. I couldn’t turn that deal down.