Led light question for autoflower

I am growing Bruce Banner autoflower with LED 600w lighting. The plants are 3 weeks old and starting to flower. Do I switch the light to the blue/red setting

Not sure exactly what brand your LED is, but yes, you should have all switches on. I would say have them all on full power, but without knowing the brand of led, it is hard to say. 95% of leds marked as 600w are usually only about 100w in reality.


If you have blue/red switches on your light, then your plants are going to need all of the light you can give them. I would leave all switches on.


Thank you for the reply. Here is the description…

  • LED 600W grow light: Featuring a user friendly “Full Spectrum” design, you can easily grow your plants in any growth cycle required like germination, seedling, veg, flower.

Good information. Thank you very much

How about the brand and model?

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Going to need all switches on.