Led light opinions


Looks great!! Nice and green


The VEG has gone, what seems to be… too easy! I’m anxious & excited about flowering. No previous experience at all :crossed_fingers:


Looking good so far, just gotta keep on doing what your doing


Pictures from MarsHydro Facebook group. The bud is super.


This light is not very powerful, but the plants are not bad, I am using more powerful proII1600led, 740W draw power.


Hi y’all. Newbie here. I have a 2x2x4 space. @$100 for lighting. On the fence over 2 choices. Meihzi 450w or the Meihzi Cob 300w. Spectrum looks good on both. Opinions?


I think @MattyBear has that light and also used it in a 2x2.


I had the 300w light but it wasn’t the cob one. I no longer use blurple lighting though, as you know @dbrn32 :wink:


Sooooo… I’d be better off with 100 w quantum board 3000k? @MattyBear , @dbrn32


Yes, @Snufaluffagus, I would recommend the QB over the Meizhi everyday of the week and twice on Sundays haha :v::bear:


Qb 135 kit is really nice in 2x2, you can get assembled for about $200 from growerslights. The hlg-100 not as good but still a nice light, will save you $50


@dbrn32 thanks for ur help. I haven’t grown in 30 years. Alot has changed. I have no problem building it myself to save a few bucks. Was really confused by the watts and the kelvins. Basically go with 135w over 100w . And 3000 over 3500? Thanks


3000k or 3500k is fine. Get whichever is available.


@MattyBear, @dbrn32
120w.288 Samsung lm561c s6 3500K full spectrum led plant grow light Quantum Board. Full diy kit.
$123 . Is this a good deal? Or are the lm 301b better? Is this too small for a 2x2 space?


That price seems low for an authentic kit. Some of the knock offs are really good though. Just be sure of what you’re getting. It would probably be fine for a 2x2, the lm301b is better than the 561c.



this would be your best light for the money, $188 USD
assembly is easy, save a few bucks.!!

as far as what spectrum idk,
if i had to choose between MH (5000k) or HPS (2700k) from start to finish,
i would use the MH for better/shorter growth, but the HPS would make prettier finished buds.

have not had a chance to flower a plant under 4000k QB yet, but i will one day.!


How about Mars II 900? it’s a new upgrade model, I used the old one, very powerful.


Well, I went for it.135 w QB324 V2- 288pcs Samsung 301B. 3500 K. HLG had em on sale for $149. Couldn’t resist. I hope I made a good choice. Gonna use it from seed to harvest in my 2x2. What y’all think?


I think you’ll be very happy @Snufaluffagus :wink::v::bear:


I’m not sure if you ended up with a 324 or a 288 there? Either way I think you’ll be very happy.