Led light opinions


Yes, but considering the budget, Reflector 192 is the best choice for him.
If @ BigRed1 has more money, more powerful light would be better.


Been using bestva 1000 (2of them)in 4x4 and plants seem to love them
120$ max per light.pull about 180 from wall


these will cover a 2x4 area for flower, 2 will cover a 4x4, the regular 260w is a little cheaper.

these cover 2 x 2 in flower, 4 will cover a 4x4, u can get one of these now and expand with another one later when u save up some more.!


I have a 1000w Yehsence led in a 3x4 room and seems very bright. Not really equal to 1000w but it was only $108. on Amazon. It has both veg and flower switches, cooling fans and so far it has surpassed my expectations. For that price I will be ordering another one soon.


cheap LED’s r not good and good LED’s r not cheap.

don’t waste your money, save up and spend $200 on a QB kit.!
twice the price but u will be 3 times happier in the long run.!!
then u will be saving up to replace the cheap LED.!


1000 watts: HAH!
That’s really a 180 watt lamp. Enough for 3.6 square feet. Probably okay for a 2x2 foot tent.
If it really was equivalent to a 1000 watt HPS bulb, it would serve 20 square feet!

They claim it can light a 12.25 square foot area well, and that it’s “more efficient than MH/HPS”. To do that it would have to be about 3.4 times as efficient as HPS. HPS runs about 133 lumens per watt. The very best LEDs run about 180 lumens per watt. or 1.35 times times better than HPS. In other words, pretty much everything in their ad is a lie.

BUT: Even so, 180 watts for $108 is a pretty good deal. It will use more electricity than a good LED, but it certainly is cheap.


i knew that it was a 180 watt lamp going in. Stated as much on Amazon ad. Plants seem to be thriving. my grow room is 3’x4’ and when required i will add another and still be $$$$ ahead. not to mention the capability to run only one lamp when plants are small.


plants are thriving so far so i must have a good LED.
Sometimes just because something is more expensive doesnt necessarily mean its better. Not familiar with QBproducts.