Led light opinions


I’m using 2 meizhi 450w LEDs in a 4x4 tent, I need another light but I’m on a budget. Anyone know of a good light for around $300.00us?


quantum board from HLG


I’ve seen them before but look to be all white light. Can you veg and flower with them?


oh yes… yes u can. they are very good.


You won’t go wrong with anything from hlg. Timber grow lights also has some nice cob setups.
I have the same meizhi light. It pulls about 195watts at the wall. 2 of those are enough for a 2’x4’ grow. They’re not efficient at all.

There are some diy threads here if you search. Save $$$


I just bought the HLG 288V2 “dent and scratch” directly from HLG for $305, free shipping. A single heat sink fin was bent on a corner. The thing is awesome.


What is draw power of your 2pcs of 450W MeiZhi, I think you don’t need a very powerful light, maybe you can consider grow bar or small and efficient light as siding light.


195w draw each


I just bought the same one. It will be here Friday.


It was a cinch to assemble. My plants are starting to flower and I am looking forward to what this lamp can do to them.


How much area does it cover? How many plants? And do you use any other light source.


No other light source. I have it covering a 33”x46” space. The hog site recommends 3’x3’ max for flowering.


I think you can use another same light to use, then it will be more than 35W/SF, it is powerful enough


You can look at UFO-80led, this light is high end USA brand with affordable price


I’ve basically got the same light in a 24"x46". It’s pushing the light requirements but 32w/sq ft is adequate for qb’s.


I would recommend you MarsHydro reflector series. It is very cost-effective.
You already have two lights in 4x4 area, why you want to add more light? It would hurt the plants.


The 2 lights I have only cover a 1x1 area (each) with enough par for healthy growth


Okay, They are enough for Veg stage. So you wanted to add another light for bloom stage.
One Mars reflector 192 can cover your 4x4 tent well. Maybe you can consider it next time. I used their light for a while. I think it is ok.


Reflector 192 can work for veg tent 4x4, but the draw power is low for bloom, I would like to use a light with higher draw power, full spectrum for veg and bloom.


I assembled my 260w qb led light. And I love it. It is so bright and has good coverage. It’s adjustable and it’s 3000k which covers veg. and flower stage. I have an 1000w and 1500w blurples which I use to think were the greatest and the 2 together don’t come anywhere close to the qb. It was exactly $305.00 free shipping. And I couldn’t find a scratch on it. I plan on ordering more in the future.