LED light for my tent 10x10.! PLEASE HELP MAJOR UPGRADE


how many LED light i need for my 10x10 tent? And how many WATTS of each light?

please recommend good light. I have $1200 budget for the lights.


10 foot by 10 foot, LED’s and $1200?

I have a feeling you may get a choice between Bob Hope and No Hope, and one of these two is dead.

You’re saying “major upgrade” so what do you have now and MAYBE things can be added to what you have.

10’x10’ is a large space. Do you intend to grow in every sq ft?

How many plants would you like to grow? Scrog, sog, au natural?

I am planning to grow between 30 or 40 plants.

I would say you might need double your budget, if not a bit more for adequate lighting. If you were to build a couple of fixtures for each 5x5 space, you might be able to save money vs buying a plug and play light.


In my small as 3ftx3ft tent I’ve got 1 600w Mezhi LED Full spectrum And it does ok So if you had 10ftx10ft you would need 9 of them haha or 3 or 4 1200w by my math but that’s not that good.Wow power on that is going to be up there you might need a better budget $ that’s my opinion

You need a bigger tent.

@dbrn32 @Big123 these guys might be able to help

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I have to agree with the others. 5x5 is as big as commercially available coverage gets, and a good led light for that size space is going to run at least double. Even cheating a little and doing something like 4 hlg-600’s is good no to run about $3000. I’m not even sure going with hid your could get 4 de 1000’s in there for $1200.

On top of that, you’ll surely need a light controller and an independent circuit for it too. Which is going to run at least another few hundred. Growing in a space that big isn’t cheap.

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Not only that, but if this is a “first grow” then I can only see jumping straight into that space and number of plants will lead to disaster, which is why I queried the “major upgrade” bit as IF he has an existing setup then we could know what he has now and how that could be adapted and expanded.

But without that info, I can only assume he’s starting from scratch and I can’t see that ending well no matter what the budget is.

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