LED light for indoor

Hello Thank you for guiding me to grow a strong and beautiful plant. I use LED light for indoor planting. The light power I use is 3000W consisting of 20 LEDs / 150W with the appropriate light spectrum I designed and built myself. But I have a question: When my plants are just sprouting from their seeds and splitting their shells, how many W of light is appropriate for them? And how far should I put the light? In the meantime, how much light is appropriate for a few plants to grow fully if I want to get maximum yield? Thanks for the guidance, Iā€™m also trying to share my knowledge with others.

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Can you give specifics on what you used to build your light?

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Hello. Each LED plate has 48 3W chips equipped with two 630mlA drivers and has a heatsink frame and cooling fan. It has a light spectrum between 420nm and 660nm arranged as follows. Thanks for the guidance.

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Which leds did you use?

I want to dip my seeds tomorrow and light the soil after it comes out, which is for the vegetative period.