LED light for 3x3 room

A question from a fellow grower:

I have 3’ x 3’ room I’m going to grow 2 auto flowering plants…What led lighting do you suggest using ?

I have an Advance XTE 350 in a 2x2x5 , and I just added another 400 Watt LED which I don’t believe is actually 400 watts , but due to the fact auto’s don’t like to be trimmed or pruned , I needed more light to penetrate the canopy . What I’m trying t say , it’s a matter of choice and what you can afford . Now the head grounds man Latewood just did a auto run with HID lights and got over 350 grams from 3 auto’s , I’m not sure how if it was soil , coco , or hydro , but dollar on the dollar HID lights are the next best thing to sunlight .