LED light for 2x2 tent

Hi there experts,

I know this topic has been around plenty of times, but I am about to buy a light and I’m not 100% certain about that.

I could see that a lot of people are using and recommending HLG 135W QB V2 RSPEC kit, which I do understand why :slight_smile:

But my question is whether you would recommend going with the 648 diablo or stick with Rspec ( I would use one light for both veg and flower).

To be honest I do not have any budget for the light, I just want the best what it is on the market right now, and here comes your knowledge which i lack at this point, could you recommend something (if there is anything)?

I also saw new MIGRO lineup which for this tent would be the ARAY 120W, but as I said I’m no expert in this category.

Hope some of you will be kind enough to help me.



Welcome to the community ! The hlg 135 V2 R-Spec. Would be a excellent choice for your 2 x 2 space.
To grow start to finish. I Use two 260 v2 rspec XL in a 4x4 space. Very pleased. Just my thoughts good luck


She got u covered. Best light ull find for that spot. And im sure ull hear this about 1000 more times. Hlg and none else. Maybe a touch pricy but definatrly worth it seeing everyone trees from them lights verses mone with blurples. Lol.


Okay, thanks a lot @kellydans and @Mark0427 !

I will go for it!


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@drpeterstruck This would be a product of ilgm gold leaf, an HLG 260 v2 R-Spec.


@kellydans lookin fire! congrats :slight_smile:

I am currently setting up new project and I will be doing autos only, probably you will see one of my journals in the near future.

Would love to hear advises from other growers!

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I use a HLG135 V2 Rspec in my 2x2 tent and it works great.


Same here, just harvested.


Thanks again for helping out, but there is one thing that bothers me the difference between Rspec and Diablo and if it’s worth it, is there anyone that had the light on hands?

@FrostyBuds are you doing autos? I have 2x2x4 tent to be specific and I am wondering if I should go for one plant or two.

@drpeterstruck no I’m doing photos so I can fill out a scrog net, I would just grow 1 plant in a 2x2.

I see, I don’t think photos would be the best shot in my case as I am limited with height of the tent and I prefer sativa so the stretching would be a nightmare :smiley: