LED light bought from Amazon

I bought these lights from Amazon Orilis 80 watt vapor tight 4 ft LED T8 40 watt tube… These are the specs, I have no idea what this info is telling me… Can you please help me understand them in relation to, very powerful? Too weak? How close to plant 18"? How much area do they cover? I bought 4 for my 12x15 shed… Thank you in advance much appreciated.
40 watt per LED bulb-total 80
4000 lumens per bulb-total 8000
LED quality 192pcs per bulb
Chip model SMD2835
6500 Kelvins
Voltage 85V~265V
0.2 watts per LED

You’ll need to use all 4 in a 12x15 shed. Hang the lights about 16-18 inches from the plant/plants canopy. They will be the right amount for that size of room (powerful enough) to do what you need seems almost like led lights for vegitative though. 5500-6500 Kelvin is usually used for vegitative growth, because it puts out more of a blue spectrum which activates photoreceptors in the plant, (photoreceptors helps your plant grow in veg)


Thank you :sunglasses: for sharing your knowledge… Would that explain why they already started budding? They are less than 4 weeks old… Oh my, out of 8 plants 4 turned hermi… would the light cause that much stress?

Let me correct that my plants are less than 8 weeks old.

Yes a light can cause that much stress and if you don’t want to breed pull the hermies or they’ll effect your entire crop, hearing they turned hermie it’s very possible something happened with your lights or light cycle.

The reason for your budding now there are a couple different reasons. 1. Your lights were at a 12/12 schedule, 2. Your plants were autoflowers. Now the reason for your plants hermaphroditing could have been caused from 1. Lights being turned on during sleep cycle, 2. Light leaks in your flower room, 3. If they were autoflowers then their flower cycle was interupted some how.

Do keep in mind when plants go in flower that’s a very delicate time for them, it only takes as little as 10 seconds, or the flash of a camera in their dark cycle to hermamphrodite them, and any time that’s what I’m here for

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One question that may help you determine why they flowered so soon, how long have they been in flower

Here are some pictures,

the leaves aren’t pointed they are rounded, 3 out of 10 plants turned out this way… The one hermi is a feminized seed Candy Cane…
Haze Xtreme it’s leaves are slightly curving up but droopy.
So this is my first grow,
1st I about drown the seeds trying to germinate them
2nd I started them with a T5 bulb, when sun was out put them outside until got too cool and brought them back in under the T5 bulb for the remainder of the 18/6 schedule… They were sooo :grin: outside…
2nd watered with ph at 8 and water way too cold (didn’t know) leaves curled under
3rd I pinched the middle out of every center out of every growth to make 2 stems instead of one even on the stocks
4th after installing the new LED lights I put them too close to the plants, which resulted in the bleaching out of the top of 2 plants.
After consuming the growing info after the fact, knowing what I know now. Will these plants produce… I made them so unstable, should I just start over?

To be honest id start over

I really feel that people are over thinking this stuff.

I just finished my first grow. AWESOME!!

I use lights 4 total that I got from Amazon as well as a 24 x 24x 48 tent (going to use a slightly taller one next time) some Red Poison Auto - 2 plants seeds from Seedsman + Blueberry Auto - 2 3 plants from here.

I also used “Smart Pots” from Amazon <<<---- MUST have.
Fertilome potting soil all organic with worm castings.

2 months seed to weed and the best stuff I have ever had the pleasure of smoking.

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No body is over thinking any thing plain in simple if you don’t want seeds pull the hermies…if you want seeds in your entire crop than leave them, and your first grow Awesome…if you wanna help him and share your knowledge with leds than we are listening

I didn’t mean overthinking in relation to the problem stated, I meant overthinking on the first grow.
I plan on reading everything that gets posted and improve one step at a time.
Taking all the tips and starting simple really has turned out well for me.
I want to improve my soil and learn more about tuning the ph.
Growing Autoflowers doesn’t give much room for error.

I just looked up the light being used and it isn’t at all what is needed here.
If you have that big of a shed then get a nice tent to put in there for around $100

LED tips: Get the right LED – https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00VJK3XJA/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o01_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1
Do not put the plants outside.
The LED’s are fine-tuned and give the plant everything they need.
LEDs are VERY directional. To get light to the plant it needs to be surrounded by mylar so the LED light is reflected around the plant.
18/6 with an Auto Timer and never changes light schedule with Autoflowers
18/6 for veg until you are ready to bud then 12/12 for Phenotypes.
I used 4 36W Pot Wizard TM LED Grow Lights from Amazon.
4 inch charcoal filter with a 4 inch inline fan venting into attic (clean air)
No heat issues running in a 24x 24 x 48 tent

The LEDs should be pretty close - especially to start so the plants don’t stretch.

@Kel2 just started my first grow too. I’d havta to say don’t let it frazzle ya. Get your watering and your lighting/dark dialed in and it’ll come to you. Found most people on here can help and if can’t they’ll help guide you to someone or info that can. My LED is at min 24"(now anyways) for seedling, 18" for veg and they love it. They(LED lights) all vary to some degree not as standardized as HID lights…

Thank you All for sharing… At first I didn’t over think anything… I germinated the seeds. The Co has sent me the same order 2xs and seeds just don’t germinate well… So I have come to the conclusion it’s not me… I will continue to educate myself…

You guys need to stop being so sensitive fer cryin’ out loud.

I said “overthinking” in relation to a FIRST GROW. For people in GENERAL not anyone in particular.
I did my very first grow ever and had phenomenal success.

My brain was boggled with all the info and so out of ignorance and necessity, I went total basic and it worked really well.

I just want to share my information and success.

The simple answer is that you beat the living hell out of the plants and it is a testament to their strength that they didn’t die.

Germinate the seeds (Feminized Autoflower are best) between a wet paper towel in a plastic ziplock bag in a cool dark place like a wine cabinet or dresser drawer. Approx 2 days or until a tap root is present and shell is cracked
Use high quality organic potting mix.
Use Smart Pots (Amazon available in 1- 5 gallon sizes) and plant only once do NOT transplant.
Use proper LED grow lights mounted to maximize light exposure
Use a grow tent to maximize light, control mold, control pests, minimize odor.

In 2 months this is what you will have: Red Poison Auto and Blueberry Auto
Red Poison is so purple it’s almost black and it tastes like PURPLE!!

WOW, I’m overwhelmed at the amount of support and encouragement, thank you all. I have removed the hermi plants. Put it outside in the garden to see how it would weather the different temps… In Montana the the nights get down to low 50s, the days are mid 70s to hi 80s… Later in summer can get In the 100s but only for about 4 hours of the day… Ill see just how hearty the plant is. So while making all the mistakes the first time around, I’ll be able to see first hand how stressed they get and if I can get them to recover and still produce something… I see how if affects the flowering and production of THC if any
The lights are going to have to stay no more funding is available for them right now… I was told that they eventually start leaking about half way thru their 50,000 hours… So that’s another thing I’ll learn is how to test the quality of my LED lights…

I’m from Missoula beautiful place

are they going to shut down the dispensaries there? LIBBY yay!!! Love it here…