LED light and strap for a carbon filter

I’m wondering how far my LED lights should be from my plant canopy. I’m reading 30 inches veg and closer around 14 during flower is this accurate? Second I’m looking for some velcro straps that can reliably hold my carbon filter in place it’s about 20 pounds.

Most just use the straps that come with most filters. Cheap Velcro is just that, spend extra if going that route. I’ve dropped a filter on a plant before. Wasn’t pretty.

If you share what light specifically you are using someone might be able to tell you how they use it.


Hydrocrunch 600 watt LED with built in heat sinks and veg and bloom switches. Right now I’ve got it at 30 inches from my seedlings canopy. Do you have a brand or type of strap you prefer I seen some on Amazon but I can’t figure out which ones are the best.

My filter dropping on my plants if my second worst nightmare in my tent the first is my tent catching fire for some reason. My damn older remote ballast for my cheaper lights actually burned up and was about to catch fire smoking like crazy. My filter didn’t come with Velcro straps I bought it part by part from a local store that didn’t even sell the straps with the kits lol.

600w equivalent* 240 actual. Same price I built my last 240 actual. Except you could’ve had quantum boards. Would download a light meter for your smart phone if you have one. Aim for 20k lux starting and work up. Your spectrum is covered in photone for iphone and should hopefully be out for Android soon, I like it. I only suggested a running average, otherwise awesome app.
Your light.

I find it easier for my set up to push out the filter. So I don’t hang it. It’s outside the tent. These are what most use.

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Thanks I need to upgrade to a 1000watt I think eventually I’m only going to grow 5 in 5 gallon fabric pots until I get a 6 pot autopot system next year.

My 240 actual watt light kills a 1000w hps in a 3x3… Quantum board LED.
Boards + heatsink $185 from HLG. (10% less w/ diy10)
Driver $75 from TRC

So can mine be hooked up like that and adjust the lumens I have a three pronged open port on top I just assumed that was yo connected a other light.

Yours is like my veg light. That’s just power beyond

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@William04 i use the ratchet straps that come with LED lights to hang my carbon filter and exhaust a lot stronger and easier to put on I found personally. I would also recommend looking into new lighting. Like @Budz said that light will probably do ya good for vegging. Look into HLG or chilled tech or if your on a budget spider farmer. But for now since your using that light start at 2feet away and adjust accordingly. Just my suggestion.

That makes me feel good about my light builds!! I think bossman has me a pretty kik butt led setup and can’t wait for September.

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Spider farmer is more expensive than HLG if you buy the driver somewhere else and build it yourself. An sf 2000 is $300. It puts out less light than my two qb v2 rpec that I built for about 260.
I know this because I use a sf 2000 as well and have tested both. The two qb put out way more light.

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Good to know @Budz

Two feet I’m currently at 30 inches so I should lower it 6 inches? This light has a veg and bloom switch and from what I have looked up can provide the lumens for 4-6 plants I’m sticking with 5 for now in 5 gallon mesh pots. I want to upgrade to an autopot system with 6 pots that only go up to it seems 3.5 gallons would that lower my yields from the 5 gallon mesh pots? I just seen how the autopot system is way easier you can fill up the resivoir and not have to water then for a good week or so. My vent didn’t come with any straps I bought it separately and the dude was trying to close so he was rushing me out the door lol.

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Appreciate the information I’ll have to look into investing into some more tech for my lighting. Need to get a lean on built so I can make a nice grow room it’s basically cramped into my tent in my garage ATM.

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I’m not sure with that kind of light. @dbrn32 what size grow tent are you in?

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Smartphones are also great tools for growing. If you have an iPhone I’d recommend Photone, soon out for Android too. The ppfd app for Android is pretty accurate too, just not as good as photone. It does have the feature I recommended to photone during the Android beta tests, which helps you keep a running average. Hope photone adds it for Android release, was my only complaint with the beta.

I seen photone in the play store last night so d/l. It won’t open on my phone or tab. My girl carries I phone so gonna try it on hers when I get a !title closer to needing it.