LED indoor grow, and so much more

First off i would like to introduce my girls. Left to right.

#1 is my big girl. Far right is the girl i have over pruned. And center is the girl i just topped. unconventional mainlining.


Oh my goodness. Look at those sexy things

They are looking good agent_smith!

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What size are your pots buddy

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1 gallon i know small. but what i did was drill holes in the pots 1/4 and 3/8" a bunch of them down low then cover loosely with black visqueen no reservoir on the pots water goes through. roots go out pf the pots into visqueen. plenty of room for roots… . I think.

I like the mainlining technique you’re using. Interested to see how this works, may give it a try on my next grow.

How far into the grow did you put this to work?

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Wow. Not real sure. I was just waiting on my white widows fem. ( buy 5 get 5 free ) beans. Hell yes. Just a Couple beans off the tray. Just messin around. Probably about 2 months. 1.5 maybe. Looking good though. Yeah seen the technique on YouTube Here recently. I’m trying to find a link . But was really impressed. you see I got a small grow area so I have to maximize my space. But yeah cool beans. Pun intended.