Led hydrogalaxy

Does anybody know if the 300 watt Galaxyhydro led light penetrates the plants canopy. I can’t find this info and was curious. Thanks

@dbrn32 loves evaluating leds this may be good question for him


Haha thanks @Donaldj!

Depending on what you interpret as penetration, the smaller or less intense a light source is less canopy penetration it will have. On the smaller panels it’s usually offset by running them closer than larger panels. The downside of doing that is the effective light footprint usually gets pretty small.

Long story short, it’s not great. But it won’t really be any different in lights of similar design. So comparing all of the 300w models on amazon would probably be about the same story. I’m pretty sure @Screwauger has a couple of them in use, as do many others. Perhaps they can share their first hand experiences.

Okay then @donaldj, I have a plant that should be shooting pistols at any moment. It is NL auto. How far above the canopy would you suggest placing it? Im new and just really don’t know. You read so much contradicting info on the web.

I am using 2 400w Roleadro cob lights at about 18" from canopy but you may be best off waiting for @Screwauger if he’s using same lights he would know best :wink:

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When I purchased my 300w GH lights 1 yr ago the diagram below came in all three boxes.
Those distances seemed ridiculous to me so at the time I consulted @Countryboyjvd1971 who used to have a few of these lamps. He suggested 18-24" above the canopy and once I reached veg stage my lights remained in that range of 18-24 inches.



I agree. Ive kind of used common sense with this first grow and thought I didn’t like the distance when I looked at it. These lights are hard to judge due the color and low heat output. I didn’t want to burn it so I just closed the gap a little. Seems fine and has not shown any distress. Ill keep it close to your suggestion. I like JG as well. Cool pic…

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I run a 1000watt king and 2 Meizhi 450s plus a 200 watt fluorescent and I still keep them as close as possible without burning . Thats about 24" in a 4x4 tent the more light the more candy


For sure those numbers dont make sense @Screwauger
I start ar 24inches or higher a lower till i find that sweet spot in general i keep tbem no closer than 18 in hes off the canopy
Although i am only usingbthe leds as side lighting now
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