Led/hid combination

I have a 5’×5’ grow tent and i have a yehsence 1500w led as well as a 250w hid set up. Would tye led be sufficient or would it be neccasary to supliment the hid with it? At least during flowering? Thanks in advance.

Yes the more light u have for flower the better. I use led along side my 400watt lights
Also use cfl if needed for side lightin in needed also

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Ok great, thank you!

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I am trying using both a 400 watt HID and 2 250 W LED. I have grown with both separately but this is first time together. I got a lot more flower stretch with the LED alone than with the HID alone and as you can see i don’t have much room to grow
Hope this helps


Thank you, it does in fact help. I will definitely be using boty lights then. Obviously i wont be able to fill my tent with the lighting i have. My led says its putting out around 750 umols at 18" and its pretty close to being that at about a 2.5x2.5 area. Ill have to arange them correctly, id like to go with at least 4 plants.

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Happy growing
I normally go with 2 plants but had germination problems due to bad storage of beans on my part- live and learn as I won’t make that mistake again. My goal is simply to be self sufficient
I will try to keep you updated but grow journals aren’t my thing… maybe a little 2 self sufficient

That would be great, ill do the same.
Thats my goal as well, just to be self sufficient. Taking care of the wifey and I lol.

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5x5 is pretty big space. You’ll likely be pretty under powered for lighting, but no harm in running a grow and seeing how it does.

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What are the pieces of paper? CO2 Generators?

No those are humidifier cloth fabric. The bins are filled with water and slowly give off humidity
No electricity used but they are limited in how much RH they provide

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Yeah, i wasnt thinking id be able to light the whole tent yet with what i have. From what i have read and my limited understand of PAR/PPFD i was think8ng id be able to achieve around 750umols across about a m2 give or take with my lights at around 18-22". Does that sound correct to you?

Also, from what i understand 600-800umols is sufficiant for flower?

Tye actual power draw on my “1500watt” led is 265watt+250 watt hid

Ya, that’s ppfd average of like 800 umols you’d be looking for. In a 5x5 that would be a total ppf of 1840 umols per second.

With the lights you have, you’re probably looking at ppf of about 600 umols per second give or take. That’s figuring the 250 hps running 1 umol/joule and the led at 1.3 umol/joule.

Ok thank you very much for your input. So at 600 umoles thats about 25.9 mols per day at 12hr exposure and from what i understand, thats not gonna cut it. I need to be around 30 min. Gonna need more light lol, thanks again!

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I am gonna just germ. Two beans and see if how it produces. I know they won’t be the beauties I want but it will have to do for now. Now to decide if i wanna pop for a quality led system like the HLGs or just get a sufficient HID for my next go. Thanks for all of your input everyone!

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Good luck and happy growing.
I am guessing your amount of light will be fine for 2 ladies

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Thanks! I will update.

U can use cfls or your led, just be sure to keep led far enuff away not to burn them. Led dnt produce the heat hid lights but can still burn them

Thank you. Yeah, i br9ke out my old cfls and after some read8ng and some great advice here im gonna return the el cheapo led and just go HID. Im looking at cool tubes by either the ipower or yield lab. Any thoughts on either? Better suggestion? Im gonna try to stay around the same $150 i dropped on the led. Im going to get them started on cfls and my 250 watt until i get my new setup.

I dnt have experience with ether of those lights u mention. I am actually on my way to get a new 1000w light from my buddy tnite. Cant remember what kind it is but had great results with it. I will let u knw what kind it is later. Also has cool tube with it