Led help in the uk

Hi I’m looking at upgrading from 2 600w hps
I am mainly looking for either one at least as powerful as one 600. I’m looking to fill either a 4x4,5x5 or 7x6. To make it simpler you could tel me the best for a 4’x4’. If you’ve time then give me options. I plan on going in Coco. Heat is a bit of an issue but the led minefield is too. Any help much appreciated

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Diyleduk was best bang for your buck there the last time I looked.

Is HLG available in the UK? I ran a 4x4 last year and had 2 HLG 260XL Rspecs in it and it worked great.

You need two?
I’m looking for just one to fill a 4x4
Thanks guys

Looked at both ranges. Very nice but may be just above my budget. Maybe should have stated that, sorry.
I’m trying to lower electric bill as I was running 6 x600w in the house. 3 in each of two rooms. One room I stopped using and the other I am down to one. I now have a 7x8 area but have decided to grow less under just one. I’m a newbie and have been trying to look after 15 different strains. I’ve been on a steep learning curve and have learned to do less. So gonna try just do 2 or 3 plants. Same strain. Any ideas how to best run one lamp in a two lamp area without anymore building. I’ve no height for a tent