Led help. And recommendations

Thanks mate does that mean a 2’x2’which Is 4 square feet. X 40 Watts.
160 Watts is all you need for a 2x2?
And 480 for a 4’x4’??

Thanks everyone.

Well done chief Bush plants with a nice even canopy love it. That’s my style of growing.


Not to hijack this thread but what all training methods do you do in order to get your plants to look like that? That’s all I want in life is my plant to end up like that :joy:


I really appreciate that my friend. :pray:
If it wasn’t for this place and the great people here, I wouldn’t be where I’m at. Again, thank you so much! :call_me_hand::beers:


:rofl::rofl::rofl: C’mon man! … I try brother. I’m learning as I go. Thank you for the nice comments my friend. :beers:

You wanna see some beautiful grows. Go check out @Flipdawg08 @NUG61 @SilvaBack203 @MeEasy @Newt @CooterJuice

These guys kill it! Have helped me a lot!


Thank you @The_Chef for those kind words… you put in the work on those girls and they are a humbling site. @Newbie84 …welcome to the community, i will tag you if you’d like to have a look. Im hydro w/ general hydroponics nutes and spider farmer light. :sunglasses: :peace_symbol:


Man you grow some beauties yourself your current tent got monsters ready 2 harvest soon

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Mine are “adequate”. Thanks!

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@The_Chef thanks bro you know i love and appreciate all the support you give me ! Your also right there with us tho my friend! I think what you have had going on can say a lot about your skills as well. @Newbie84 you can see how i train on my Journal to get results like that. I can tag you into my journal if you’d like to see everything i have going on. Theres a lot lol.

Heres a recent pic of my flower tent

@Damo get a scorpion diablo and join the club of people ive gotten to buy one. I love spending other peoples money lol . But @The_Chef is correct if you get ome its the end of your lighting concerns for prettt much ever unless you increase size of area considerably. Best on the market by far.


Really appreciate that my brother! Means a lot coming from you! :pray:

Yeah folks, he’s the best on this site at spending your money. I ended up with 3 of those lights after a quick thread chat. :man_facepalming::rofl::rofl::rofl::beers:

If you don’t mind I would appreciate it. After I finish my first grow I want to try branching out and doing more training. I definitely appreciate it alot

Start by topping your plant , after abot 5 real leaf sets then check out videos first but start lst by bending the plant and tieing it down. Check vids first. It’s all done in first few weeks . Any branches that are the highest, top them. Never top a branch lower than the top. Highest only . It will fall into place.

Do listen to others tho as I am still learning and is just what I did. Used 22l fabric pot, Coco, cannna a n b rhizo, boost and mills c4 and pk 0-7-6

One lesson I learned is less is more .
Also you don’t need all these bottles. It’s a con. Just a good base nite, root development like rhizo. A pk option and maybe a boost. Maybe some great white for transplant



You seem to be covered but I’ve only 2 years. You tube has your answers and a net, garden wire and snips n zip ties. You can manipulate to grow whatever you want. 4x4 tent can have one and cover it with one plant. If restricted