Led help. And recommendations

i have just flowered the best ive done in a 70x70 with a phlizon 2000 (200)w i tink.

Now ive a 1.2x1.2 tent and its used for flowering so a multilevel destination.

What are the pros n cons of using one light that will do the job or daisy chain 4x (2x2 or 3x3) or in cm 4x 60x60/90x90
also any recommendations
Thanks. Need to ditch hps. Cost wise on energy

In general, LEDs that can be daisychained aren’t worth buying as they are usually built with older generation diodes. Samsung LM301h diodes are the most efficient on the market and you want a product with LM301 series diodes.

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I was told that about this phlizon 2022 i tho in a 2x2 produced excellent results. A clone that did way better that its donor grown under hps. I can only put it done to the lightweight.
I thought 4 of them is £480
They flowr 3x3
I cant get loads in one light for my 4x4 for £480 .
It is a big investment so id like the pros direction. If you know who to tag could you please

I would stay away from Phlizon. They are a burple maker and burple makers are known for being dishonest about their light’s capabilities. The Phlizon 2022 is built with LM281 series diodes which are a few generations old. You can look at Spider Farmer LEDs with LM301b diodes, which work fine, but they are one generation behind. HLG products are your best bet for high-efficiency lighting.

@dbrn32 is the lighting expert here.


Thats sounds good then if this is rubbish. I love it. Hopefully love this more.
Whats a good one for a 4x4… what should I be looking at. Watts, diodes, ppfd. it’s very confusing.

The phlizon isn’t a blurple

I’m a novice so chuffed with this she was not even ,6 wk then

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I got a hlg 650r for my 4x4 and it’s a little over kill but I’m liking it so far and the also have refurbished lights with a one year warranty



The last post was on June 6th and this pic was a couple days ago great light I’m beyond happy with it happy growing :v:

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This is it. £128. Samsung diodes. 4 X them daisy chained for £500.

Il have a look

Also this hot spot that is created I’m not liking.

With all single units

Just a bit dear. Lovely light tho. you’re ladies too. What do you think about this hotspot . Using 4 meant for each 2x2 quarter split will give uniformity… but I’m a newbie I don’t know.

Go with the refurbished hlg 650r and be done with it for a long time. I bought a 350r for a 2x4 tent, and it’s doing a great job, so I’m sure the 650r would kill it in a 4x4.

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Might well do but saw this . It’s the hot spot I’m not keen on. We use nets to level it then use a centralised light

If your in the UK look at MIGRO lights. And he has a Youtube channel where he reviews lights and talks about lighting tech. He has his own line of lights that are pretty good. But here’s some lighting facts and info for you. The old rule of thumb is 30 watts per square foot. Fact is it’s really up to 40 watts per square foot now days as led tech advances and growers learn to use leds.

I second the HLG. I bought a refurbished 550v2 rspec and the quality is out of this world and my girls in my 4x4 are loving life. They usually have codes for like 20% off and I’m a veteran so got 25% and an $850 light cost me $450 or so shipped and to my house in 2 days.


If you’re looking for a good one. The Scorp D ends your search for lighting instantly.
I run 2 in a 4x8 and 1 in a 4x4. Best investment I’ve made to date.

Just harvested this 4x8 almost 3 weeks ago.

This is my auto tent.

Glueberry OG
Forbidden Runtz
Dark Devil


The new spider farmer bar style lights there good