LED grow questions


from a fellow grower:

If a 1000 LED lamp cover 4ft square up to 5ft, How many plant should I grow under it?

And let assume that I am a fairly good gardener, what is the average yield should I expect to finish with. Naturally following your bible?

Finally with a LED lamp which system would you suggest to work with?

Does the kind of seeds is important to have good yield?


There are a member here name Hillcrest that just scrogged 3 plants with a Led and 2 CFL 's , awesome yield .


Yoshu what 2 CFL’s mean.

Also can I have more details about your ‘‘member’’ experience that you are referring to?


CFL stands for compact fluorescent light, the new “curly” lights that replace regular old fashioned incandescent household lights.



My science officer answered it in his response , now I’ve never used them at all , but MacG can give you more Intel on what wattage and lumen numbers , he has way more knowledge than me over all . But that is the guy who helped me dial my lil grow space in to get healthy growing plants consistently from veg thru flower without burning them and creating a environment so they can thrive .